TRAVEL TIPS: 5 Useful Tips to Consider when Choosing an Accommodation

5 Useful Tips to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Accommodation

One of the most important things to consider when traveling is accommodation. There are many factors to consider when choosing the ideal accommodation during your travels - especially when traveling abroad or to an unfamiliar destination. Staying in a wrong accommodation can ruin your vacation and end up not enjoying your trip. Here are some useful tips to consider when choosing an accommodation.

5 Useful Tips to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Accommodation

5 Useful Tips to Consider when Choosing an Accommodation

1. Know your options

There are many accommodation options available. Know first what you need during your vacation. Do you need a luxury, mid-range or a budget hotel? Or maybe, you just need a hostel, since you're just staying for a night in the city? If you're staying for an extended period of time, you might want to consider renting apartments which could save you a lot on budget. If you’re traveling with your family or with a special someone, you might need something bigger than an apartment so Bali, Bahamas or Thailand villas for rent might be a better choice for you. The rental villa with a pool could help you fully enjoy your vacation. Choosing the best accommodation that will satisfy your needs is one of the very first things to consider when deciding on where to stay during your trip.

2. Location

This is one important factor to consider in choosing where to stay during your travel. If you’re planning to go on a tour, a hotel that is centrally located is probably the best choice for you. It has to be near or within the city where the tourist spots and attractions are located. This will enable you to visit more places of interest and will let maximize your time. On the other hand, if you just need to relax and de-stress, then you might want to consider accommodations that are a little more remote or located away from the city instead opting for exotic beach destinations such as islands in Bahamas, Thailand or the Caribbean. It really depends on the purpose of your trip. Always consider that hotels within the city is much expensive than the ones outside or in the outskirts of the city. It is also busier and noisier, but it is more convenient because you will have a wider range of local restaurants and other services that are just within reach.

3. Price

This can have a huge impact on your travel expenses if not chosen correctly. One of the best ways to cut your trip expenses is by choosing the right accommodation that fits your needs at the cost that your travel budget can afford. But of course, prices would vary depending on the hotel's location, amenities and facilities offered. When booking online, filter the choices by the price range. This will help you find the best hotel you need that will fit your specific budget.

4. Amenities and facilities

You definitely should look into what are the facilities and amenities offered in the hotel before you book. This is very much dependent on your needs and the purpose of your travel. Ask yourself what are the things you need during your stay. Decide what's important in a hotel. Why pay extra fee for breakfast when you can get it for free? Better if you choose the accommodation that offers free breakfast to save on travel expenses. Look at the things that matters to you most - like the bed size, swimming pool, maximum number of room occupancy, water heater, air conditioning, free WIFI and toiletries, among many others.

5. Guest Reviews

It pays to research and read guest reviews. There are many independent websites which allow users to submit reviews about their experience and on different aspects of their stay. This is one of the many awesome uses of the Internet nowadays which will surely help you gather a lot of opinions/reviews from people who actually have stayed in the accommodation you're looking at. This way, you will know if it's really worth a stay and you don't end up just wasting your money.

The experiences (good and bad) of previous guests are very important in order to get a feel of what to expect which could be the determining factor in deciding whether to book or not.

5 Useful Tips to Consider when Choosing a Hotel Accommodation

Choosing an accommodation in any city is really not that hard and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and research. You just need to know your travel needs and wants that will assure you of a comfortable stay and an enjoyable vacation.


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  1. Useful tips indeed! Another way which works for us is to ask locals the best place to stay considering your budget, preferences, etc. We do this in times when we are unable to book accommodations online.


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