10 Most Beautiful Places in Norway

Top Things To Do in Norway

Norway has a lot of spectacular places, from beautiful coastlines to majestic mountain range. Below you will find a guide to the 10 most impressive places to see in Norway.

The first top 4 places are in the capital of Norway. Almost all Scandinavia tours start in Oslo. Increasing numbers of travelers are heading to Oslo for the city’s arts scene, unusual architecture and a plenty of natural wonders that lie right around it. A perfect combination of nature and modernity in this city attracts all the lucky owners of the tours to Norway. Oslo has a unique reputation: it’s friendly and clean, but it’s also expensive. Nevertheless there are many places you can discover there for free.

Top Things To Do in Norway

1. Akershus Castle

A great place to start your first day in Oslo is Akershus Castle and Akershus Fortress. Akershus Castle is a medieval castle, which was built in 14th century and is located in the heart of the capital on the shore of the Oslo Fjord. Opposite the Akershus Fortress is also a military museum, where you can see various cannons and an armored tanks. Akershus Fortress is a great place to discover the history of Norway and simply enjoy a summer day. The Fortress area is a main venue for major Oslo events, such as concerts, royal ceremonies and holiday. The Fortress is free to enter.

Top Things To Do in Norway

2. Frogner or Vigeland Park

One of the distinctive features of Oslo is that it has lots of green parks. Frogner or Vigeland Park is definitely the best one. It’s the world’s largest park of sculptures, and it will take you at least 4 hours of your tour to Norway to get around. It is perfect in summer and even more striking in the fall, when the foliage colors make it come alive. No wonder that it is one of the top attractions in Oslo. The park it has over 200 statues to see and Vigeland museum to become acquainted with the history of its creation. Vigeland Park is open year-round, entrance is free.

Top Things To Do in Norway

3. Oslo National Gallery

If you find yourself in Oslo on Thursday, consider visiting the National Gallery, because on Thursdays the entrance is free! Take a selfie in front of the famous “The Scream”, trying to escape from the hordes of tourists. It’s a great chance to see an interesting collection of Impressionist art.

Top Things To Do in Norway

4. Oslo Viking Ship Museum

In the capital of Norway everyone is sure something to their liking. History-lovers should take a glance at the rich Viking heritage in the Viking Ship Museum. The museum exhibits the world's two best-preserved wooden Viking ships of the 9th century, as well as small sledges, a cart with unique ornamentation, implements, tools, harness, and many other household utensils. Visiting this Museum is a separate journey to history within the big tour to Norway.

Walking tours in Oslo are merely a beginning of your unforgettable tour to Norway! After the entertaining experience in the capital it’s time to explore the boundless wonders of Norwegian nature.

Top Things To Do in Norway

5. Sognefjord

The first thing that comes on people’s mind when thinking Norway are famous Norwegian fjords! Norway has a plenty of fjords, all of which have their own unique characteristics. And our destination #5 is Sognefjord, a 204 kilometers inland fjord, which is the longest one in Norway. It seems to be one of the most exciting views on our planet.

Top Things To Do in Norway

6. Briksdal Glacier

Also, people from all over the globe come to Norway to see the glacier called Briksdal which is an astonishing sample of what the nature creates. Briksdal is set between snow-capped mountains and roaring waterfalls in Jostedalsbreen National Park, encompassing the largest uninhabited area in the southern part of the country.

Top Things To Do in Norway

7. Aurora Borealis

One more unbelievable natural phenomenon that one can to see in the countries near the Pole is Aurora Borealis, or Polar Light. Although we can't exactly predict when the magical solar winds appears for the light show, Polar Light is usual enough in Norway because Arctic Norway is ideally located in the heart of the Northern Lights zone. People who saw Aurora say, screaming and wowing, that it was their most awe-inspiring and breathtaking experience ever!

Along the fjordsides you’ll find small communities and villages, each with its own peculiarity that reflects its local traditions. And here are top 3 the most beautiful Norwegian localities to see during all Scandinavia tours.

Top Things To Do in Norway

8. Bergen

A gateway to the gorgeous fjords of Norway is a town of Bergen. It impresses all its visitors with its rich architectural and cultural treasures. Walking down the Old Town, situated along the harbor’s eastern shore, you will be delighted with its colorful buildings with gabled roofs that look like a postcard. Moreover, music-lovers will found Bergen as the most desirable destination during the Norway tour as it’s one of the country's leading cultural centers, where popular arts and music events are usually held.

Top Things To Do in Norway

9. Flรฅm

Flรฅm is a tiny village nestled in a majestic fjord. When here, rent a bike and explore the heart of Western Norway! With its vivid waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, clear rivers, meadows and picturesque farms, Flรฅm looks gorgeous all over the year, but the most popular time to visit it is in summer when travelers come here for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Top Things To Do in Norway

10. ร…lesund

And the last but not least to be visited in Norway is ร…lesund, an inimitable town based on several island. The Norwegians voted that ร…lesund is the most beautiful town in the whole country. For its unique and outstanding architecture of Art Nouveau style and situation between Norway's magnificent fjords ร…lesund is often called the Adventure Capital of the Fjords. That’s why it’s a must see for any traveler!

So, whether you have just a few days to explore Oslo, or two weeks for all its incredible natural beauty, Norway is able to impress you with each of these places!

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