Top Things to Do in Barcelona Spain

Top Best things to do in Barcelona Spain
Plaรงa Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona is one of the best places where you can wander. It is where getting lost in its big city is fun. From its breath-taking panoramic views, to its city’s great gastronomic options – all worth visiting. Here, you can find a lot of places to discover, and make sure to have a full body recharge because walking is fun at Barcelona! I know, you want to make your Barcelona city breaks a memorable one, so let me do the honor to make a list of what are the things you shouldn’t miss when you are in Barcelona, Spain. You might miss some, but you are always welcome to come back.

Top Best things to do in Barcelona Spain
Palau de la mรบsica, Barcelona

1. Stroll, discover, and enjoy the city on foot

Yes, Barcelona is a big city, but where’s the fun if you will not step up into a higher level of adventure? As I’ve said earlier, getting lost is where the fun begins. It is where you will start to wander around the city’s boasting buildings and shimmering lights. Or, you can spend a day away from the bustling city and take your time strolling and visiting some of the most impressive parks that they can offer. And speaking of parks, I can recommend you to pay a visit at Montjuic Castle, Parc de la Ciutadella, and Parc de Joan Miro.

Top Best things to do in Barcelona Spain
View of Montjuรฏc (Barcelona)

2. Enjoy the nature and climb up the Montjuic

If you are too tired seeing busy and noisy city again and again, you might consider mountain climbing. Montjuic mountain is the perfect place for a greenly and leafy stroll. Take a breath with its fresh air coming from abundant trees and flowers across the path going up. Enjoy a spectacular view from the top of the mountain as a reward for all the legwork you’ve done just to reach its top. Believe me, the leg pain is all worth it. What I love more with Montjuic is that it is less populated by tourists. As you climb up the mountain, you will find buildings from the 1992 Olympic Games, including the Palau Sant Jordi. But if you are adventurous enough, and feeling like the adrenaline is hitting you so bad, you can finish climbing it up into the top of the hill. Where the magical hill will reward you with its historical Olympic Stadium and the Jardi Botanic. You can also visit the Pavello Mies van der Rohe and CaixaForum cultural center at the foot of Montjuic. If you want to experience one of the largest garden spaces in Spain, visit Park Guell.

3. Search is over for the best seafood in the world

Okay. I might have over reacted on that one, but no one leaves Barcelona without sampling the seafood. Everyone knows that Barcelona boast its awesome haul of fresh seafood anywhere around the city. They claim that they are one of the best places where you can find a big assortment of fresh seafood which I totally agree. You can choose whether you will take a food crawl around the streets to find the cheapest restaurant you can find, or you want to experience a luxurious and extravagant fine dining they can offer. The choice is all yours. Besides, they share the same fresh seafood, so why worry?

Top Best things to do in Barcelona Spain
The National Museum of Art of Catalonia

4. Unleash your arty side as you visit some of the best museums you can have in the whole world

Barcelona, Spain is known as home of the best museums all over the world. And if you do love the world of art, visiting Barcelona is like heaven to you. You can find here the Fundacio Joan Miro, one of the largest museums in the world. It is a home to over 225 paintings, 150 sculptures and a lot of graphic pieces and a number of masterpieces by the Spanish surrealist painter. If I have to list all the museums and art galleries you can find in Barcelona, we might finish it by next month. Kidding aside, Barcelona, Spain is indeed a home to the world’s most influential artists. I might recommend you a few galleries, where I might say a jewel in the city. Like Teatre Grec, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Palau Robert, Galleria 3 Punts, Toni Tapies, ADN and Joan Prats.

5. Take home some Souvenirs

Since Barcelona is abundant with natural born artists, why not help the artist by buying his work? Take home a good painting for yourself, and capture someone’s heart by sending him/her a gift too. Giving painting as a gift is full of meaning; you can even tell him/her what you feel by picking a painting that best represents your feeling for him/her. For an art lover like me, painting is priceless, and giving it to someone special is priceless too.

So there you go! My personal top things to do when visiting Barcelona, Spain. I am full of excitement now, as I share to you the beauty of Barcelona. I hope this list will help you to make up your mind to wander a worth visiting place like Barcelona.

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This was written by one of our writers. Plaรงa Catalunya photo by Tango7174, Palau de la mรบsica photo by Avanschelven, Montjuรฏc photo by Yearofthedragon, The National Museum of Art of Catalonia by Johannes Kern used under Wikimedia Commons.


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