Top Things to do at the Orlando Theme Parks

Top 5 Must-do Activities at Disney World Florida

Are you the type of person who likes adrenaline rush? How about being a fictional enthusiast? Or perhaps both in one at the same spot? So why not go to the Orlando theme parks! It has a lot of fictional themes with their utmost adrenaline parks that you can venture and visit. Here are the things you might want to explore when going there.

Top Things to do at the Orlando Theme Parks

1. Let’s Go Fictional

Here lies where you want to be a kid and enjoy the rest of the day dealing with fictional, cartoon, or imaginary character that you can name of. You can choose between Disney Land, Universal Studio, Lego Land and many more! That's only few of a handful fictional theme parks you can found in Orlando. Here, you can go back to your roots as a kid or you can simply bring your children and watch them enjoy interacting with the famous mascots strolling in the park. They have fun rides too if you feel like loving the extreme side of you.

2. Let’s get Wet

Want to enjoy the rest of the day with the living critters underwater? If yes, then I recommend you to visit Discovery Cove, Sea World or Wet’n Wild. In Discovery Cove, you will enjoy dealing with critters underwater that are very adorable and safe to interact with but of course with the help of the tamer. It is a resort where you can experience interacting with different types of sea mammals and creatures. Second When you want to beat the heat, you can simply go to the Wet’n Wild theme park where you can enjoy swimming with a variety of slides. They also have plenty of huge pools to choose from. Can't decide which one do you want to go? Torn between enjoying the company of the animals and swimming vacation with your friends? Then you might wanna visit Sea World where you can experience a combined resort-water theme park and an aquatic theme park. It is designed to mingle with our sea friends and kick it up a notch with some roller coasters with it right in the middle of the water.

3. Let’s Go Ballistic

Adrenaline fans out there like me? Loving the extreme adventures? Then there is a theme park that is designated to us. Let's head off to Islands of Adventure where you can simply go have some fun and experience the thrill. They offer fun-filled rides, extreme roller coasters and all where you can try all of the loops and go on a fast and insane experience. I am an avid fan of thrilling rides, so this place is like haven to me.

4. Let’s be a mechanic

There is an amazing place where you can be a mechanic at Epcot, where the technology is advanced and you can get some new bright ideas. It is where your creativity and imagination is tested. You can bring here your kids and let them enjoy the holiday while learning. Of course, regular classes are boring, but having these cool place is very inviting and attractive to the kids. You don't even need to force them to join activities, instead, they learn on their own.

These are only few of many wonderful things to do in Orlando theme park. The true happiness and excitement is with the people that you are with because venturing alone these theme parks is quite sad and simply dull. So there you have it. A compiled list of things to enjoy at Orlando theme parks in your most specific kind of wants.

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