PRODUCT REVIEW: Travel Gadgets and Accessories from BoxWave.com

Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Few weeks ago, Box Wave sent me some tech gadgets to try. Established in 2002, BoxWave is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories provider for handheld devices of all categories, including cell phones, PDA's, smartphones, media players, gaming devices, GPS devices, UMPC's, Tablet PC's and more. They offer one of the most comprehensive list of devices supported, and this list continues to expand as we update our products daily with the newest and most popular gadgets.

Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Here are the tech gadgets they sent me:

BlueBridge Audio Adapter

The BlueBridge Audio Adapter is great for road trips in cars without bluetooth connectivity. Just plug it in and instantly stream audio from your phone to the cars speaker. It's an awesome device if your car doesn't have bluetooth connectivity. An great companion in listening to music or taking calls, especially during long road trips.

Travel Gadgets and Accessories

SmartyLens Clip-On Photo Enhancer

The SmartyLens Clip-On Photo Enhancer is a great tool for people packing light. Ditch your digital camera, and capture wide angle, fish angle and panoramic shots from your smartphone. Honestly, I am not happy with it. Using the wide lens, it has a black round circle at the edges of the photo. But the fish eye and the macro lenses were quite good.

Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Here are the sample photos:

Travel Gadgets and Accessories
Wide Lense

Travel Gadgets and Accessories
Fish Eye Lens

Travel Gadgets and Accessories
Macro Lens

Rejuva PowerPack

The Rejuva PowerPack (13,000mAh) is a high powered emergency battery pack with USB plugs. Its lightweight and can charge huge devices, like the iPad Pro, completely. This is definitely a must-have whenever you travel. I love that it has 13,000mAh battery capacity which can fully re-charge my iPhone for up to 4 times. And with 2 USB plugs, I can charge 2 devices at the same time. Yey!

Travel Gadgets and Accessories

If yu wish to see the other travel gadgets and accessories they sell, check out their website at www.boxwave.com.


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