Top 5 Things to Do on your Next Vacation to Tangerang City, Indonesia

Top 5 Things to Do on your Next Vacation to Tangerang City Indonesia

Tangerang is a city in the province of Banten, Indonesia. It is known as a manufacturing and industrial hub in Java and it is a home to over 1,000 factories. The government is now trying to develop the area despite of the mere fact that they are still titled as a province. So far, they have now fully functioning shopping malls, convenience centers, private schools, recreational parks and commercial buildings. The weather in Tangerang is hot and humid, perfect for those who love the sun. It is also ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. I know you are now wondering what to expect in the city, and that's why I am here. To give you a list of what to do when you are in Tangerang City.

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1. Visit the Thousand Doors Mosque

Thousand Doors Mosque of Nurul Yaqin is a mosque located at the heart of Kampung Bayur Tangerang. It was built by an Arab's descent way back 1978 in a 1 hectare open field. What makes it unique is the mosque is having an awful lot of doors, and that is the reason why it is called a Thousand Doors Mosque. It has too many doors, literally. Many tourist from other countries are visiting the mosque because of its uncommon building design, and totally unique structure. The mosque also have giant prayer beads, which gives more attraction to the mosque.

2. Explore the Al Adzom Mosque

Al Adzom Mosque is located in Satria, Sudirman, Tangerang. It is standing in a huge 2 hectare field and it can accommodate up to 15,000 people. Al Adzom Mosque is the biggest and the most grandest mosque you can find in Tangerang City. The mosque was first founded in 1997. It has a luxurious and classy structure, and the design of the mosque is unique alone. The dome is consisted of 5 stacked blue domes. The 4 domes act as the buffers, and the remaining one which is the biggest is the main dome. The mosque consists of a wudhu place, mihrab chamber, praying place, analyzing chamber and a library. Obviously, the place is good for worshiping and soul searching.

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3. Enjoy Situ Cipondoh

If you are traveling with your family, together with your kids, visiting Situ Cipondoh is one of the best option you can visit in Tangerang. It is located exactly in Kyai Haji Hasyim Ashari Street. It is a lake tourism in Tangerang. You can enjoy the picturesque view of the lake from here, or watch the sunset in awe. There are lots of outdoor activities you can choose from. Like you can go fishing, play cart miniature, flying fox, and ride a water bike. The place is rich in nature's beauty, so if you are a nature lover, you will truly appreciate Situ Cipondoh. There are many trees all over the place, flowers in every corner, and a carpet of grass where you can sit down, and go for a picnic. Your kids will love the place for sure because it has many kids play area like parks and playgrounds.

4. Try Tangerang's delicacies

Of course, your visit is incomplete without trying Tangerang's delicacies. Some of the famous delicacies you must try are Laksa Tangerang, Emping Jengkol, Pork Satay, Ayam Kluwak and Kecap Benteng. Laksa Tangerang is a rice noodle with a coconut milk soup. Laksa is one of the most recommended delicacy in Tangerang. Emping Jengkol is a nutcracker made of Jengkol (dogfruit). It is considered as a seasonal product because it is now hard to find. And that is the reason why it's price is quite high. Pork Satay is famous among avid pork lovers. It is a grilled pork satay that is marinated in a sweet soy sauce. Ayam Kluwak is a dish for special occasions, particularly for the Chinese Lunar New Year Feast. The secret of the dish is the Kluwak (black nut) and the dark colored chicken. And for the last one, which is Kecap Benteng. There are two famous brands of Kecap Benteng, the Istana and SH.

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5. Stay in a nice hotel

Having your vacation in a bad hotel is frustrating and can ruin your holiday. That's why you must be very picky when it comes to choosing the right hotel for you to stay during your vacation. One of the best way to enjoy your vacation is having a nice room waiting for you on a tiring day. And speaking of a hotel, check out in Novotel Tangerang. It has a reasonably fair price, good and quality service, secured and safe rooms, responsive and polite staff and clean and nice rooms. Novotel Tangerang is located in Tangcity Superblock. It is accessible, where it is only 4 km away from Benteng Herritage Museum and 2 km away from both Tanah Tinggi train station and Padang Gold Modern. Rooms have flat screens and minibars for you to be entertained in your stay. They also have a fast speed wifi, so that you are still connected with your friends and loved ones. They have sofabeds and glass-enclosed bathrooms with privacy screens to enjoy. Other amenities include a bar and a gym, plus an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool with a poolside bar. Massage spa, a kids’ playground and a business center are also available. Visit site (www.traveloka.com) for more information about Novotel Tangerang.

To sum it up, Tangerang Indonesia is a good place to reminisce, stay in peace and calm your soul. A worth traveling specially for those who seek for eternal peace. A perfect destination for religious lovers as well as for holiday seekers.

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