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Hello Pal App Review Feature

I've traveled a couple of times outside the Philippines. Aside from tasting the food and learning more about the culture of the country I'm visiting, I always see to it that I learn a few words from their language. Learning how to say a simple greeting or saying “thank you” are just some of the basic words I try to learn before I travel abroad. But I guess, it would also be good if I learn more conversational phrases so I would somehow be able to communicate more with the locals. That is why, I am so happy when I was introduced to this new app called Hello Pal.

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

Hello Pal is a nice app that can be used to learn more about different languages. It’s a new smart app translator that you can use when you are speaking with different languages in every corner of the world. Mobile phones have proved to be excellent devices to learn a new language, especially on the go. As long as it is always with you and it is connected to the internet, our phones have become more valuable as educational resources than any language learning guide or pocket phrasebook.

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

You don't even have to enroll yourself in a language school for you to learn. However, learning a language and, crucially, remaining motivated to continue learning, on your own can be extremely difficult. It’s much easier to stop than it is to persevere and not having someone to tutor you and guide you through the process can reduce the speed of your learning.

Now you can easily learn by simply downloading an app that can utilize your language and translate it in to different languages. This app is called “Hello Pal”. Hello Pal is a first of its kind social language learning app that allows users to easily find and talk to other people all over the world, in completely foreign languages, in just a minute! Despite of the language barrier that makes people to be silent in social media app, this app can make you speak broadly by the help of “Hello Pal”, making friends in the world makes it easier with this app.

To start using Hello Pal, simply download the app for free on any iOS or Android devices.

Hello Pal App Review Feature

Register first by entering your email address or login with your Facebook / Google+ account. Then you will receive and email to verify your account.

Hello Pal App Review Feature

For you to use all the app’s features, you must completely fill in all the details of your profile and preferences.

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

Now, let’s get started. I know you hate the feeling of being afraid to talk because the person might not understand you. Or the moment when you want to talk with a stranger but you can't because you don't know how to speak their language. Well, with Hello Pal, you don't have to worry. This app can connect you to different strangers all over the world, giving you a list of persons you might be interested with. Once you downloaded this app, it allows users to use its filtering and matching abilities to find people they are interested in talking to, based on criteria such as nationality, native language, and location.

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

Using Hello Pal’s unique combination of phrasebooks and translation tools integrated into its chat messaging system, language is no longer an obstacle to people all over the world communicating with each other, regardless of what language they speak. It is based on the principle that the best way to learn a language is where speaking comes first and learning comes second.

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

With the help of phrasebooks designed specifically for online chatting, users simply have to choose a phrase, listen to the professionally-recorded guide audio, record the phrase with their own voice, and send it to their chat partner.

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

I’ve basically tried this app myself and I found it was very amazing that I can speak to different people in the world. Not only that, I can now understand them even without forcing them to speak in English. The record feature is the best, because it converts your language to the person of what country he/she is speaking of. It is very user friendly and easy way to navigate. The app has a list of most used words in a conversation, and then tapping the phrase you want to say will give you a play button. Once you tapped the play button, the app will speak the phrase in your desired language. The first record is the usual way to say it. And the second record is the slower version for you to easily understand the phrase. How cool is that?

Hello Pal App Review Feature

Next, you can now record your voice. You have a button for replay records so you can delete your record if you want another one. But if you are already satisfied with your first record, you can press the thumbs up button so your record will be sent in the conversation box. If your chat mate replied and you can't understand what he/she said, there's a button where his/her reply is automatically translated in your desired language. A huge relief isn't it?

Hello Pal App Review FeatureHello Pal App Review Feature

Finding new friends from around the world, connecting to them and learning a new language has never been this fun and exciting! Hello Pal is a nice and useful messaging app that will redefine how you learn a new language and how you talk to the world.

You can download Hello App on Google Play, all major app stores in China, and at the iOs App store. You can visit their website www.hellopal.com for more information.


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