A long journey, a wonderful destination

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To get to some of the world’s most exotic and glittering destinations, you have to be prepared to put in the hours, and in this case, that means sitting on a plane for much longer than you would do if you were going somewhere nearby.

Everything in life has a pay off, and if you want to visit these beautiful places, then you need to accept the extra time you need to travel. Of course, long-haul travel is more comfortable than economy short-haul travel, and there are also things you can do to make your journey more entertaining, better on your body, and easier overall.

Get enough sleep beforehand

It’s important to be rested before you embark on your journey, and having to get up early in order to arrive at the check in desk on time is not the best start. To counteract this, why not look at staying overnight at the airport, so you are right where you need to be ahead of time. Check out AirportHotels.com for the best deals on nationwide hotels; I use them regularly, and I have stayed at many of the different Manchester Airport hotels when I’ve embarked on long-haul journeys. The difference to your travel day is apparent in the fact that you are wide awake and raring to go, rather than half asleep and wondering whether you should just stay in bed!

Preparation is key in terms of comfort and entertainment

In your hand luggage make sure you pack a few items to make your journey more comfortable. For instance, take some warm socks, in case you get cold feet, a cardigan or hoodie, a neck pillow, an eye mask, a few of your favourite sweets, load up your Kindle or iPad with entertainment, and remember to invest in a back up battery in case you run out of charge halfway across the world. Being prepared means you won’t be thinking ‘I wish I’d remembered …’

Have a proper sit down meal at the airport

You need to be at the airport a little earlier for a long-haul flight, so take a little time to sit down and enjoy a proper meal before you board the plane. This means you’re passing the time, but you’re also making sure you have a nutritious meal, instead of sticking with fast food options. Being full up before you leave also means you’re not going to be snacking whilst you’re on the plane, and helps to regulate your blood sugar.

Keep active on the journey as much as possible

Get up and walk around the cabin a little, remember to keep circling your ankles, and basically keep active. This will mean you feel better when you land, you’re at a reduced risk of DVT, and basically time will pass faster as a result.

Long-haul flying might take a while, but let’s face it, nothing worth doing in this world is ever easy!


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