Top 5 Best Things To Do in Toronto, Canada

Top 5 Best Things To Do in Toronto Canada

Toronto is one of the most populous and highly-visited cities in Canada. Choosing the top 5 best things to do in Toronto can be difficult, but it all boils down to what interests you the most – from adventures, to gastronomic experiences to shopping, to parks and museums, Toronto has a lot of options to offer for every type of traveler. Here's a list of my top 5 best things to do in Ontario, Canada.

Top 5 Best Things To Do in Toronto Canada

1. Visit CN Tower and experience the Edgewalk

Towering at 553.33 meters high, the CN tower dominates Toronto's landscape. Once considered as the world's tallest building, it is impossible for you to miss this stunning architectural landmark. Some of the things to do When visiting the tower is to enjoy the view from the LookOut Level at 346 meters, walk on air on the Glass Floor and outdoor SkyTerrace at 342 meters and to check out the views from the SkyPod, highest perch of all at 447 meters above the city! How cool is that?! Also, introduced just a few years ago, one should not miss to experience the The CN Tower’s EdgeWalk which offers every thrill-seekers a chance to get some air while walking on the CN tower's roof. That's really an adventure worth trying!

2. Shop at Toronto Eaton Centre

Named after the Eaton's department store chain, Toronto Eaton Centre is a shopping mall and office complex located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With more than 285 shops, restaurants, and services, it is considered as Toronto's top tourist attraction in terms of the number of visitors with around one million visitors per week. Why visit? The Toronto Eaton Center is more than just a shopping center. It's an architectural model for shopping malls around the country.

3. Indulge on Good Food at St. Lawrence Market

Located at Front St. East and Jarvis St in the Old Town district of Toronto, St. Lawrence Market is a major public market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Named the "world's best food market by National Geographic" in April 2012, there is no other way to enjoy St. Lawrence Market but to indulge on good food with its great selection of food stalls and restaurants.

4. Explore Toronto's Chinatown

Toronto's Chinatown is filled with good restaurants and shops. So, when visiting the Chinatown, there is no difficulty in finding a place to eat or to shop in this neighborhood because restaurants and shop abound selling diverse merchandise. Be sure not to limit your food adventure to Chinese dishes, with the population changes of recent decades, it has come to reflect a diverse set of East Asian cultures through its shops and restaurants, including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. Be sure to try them too!

5. Bring the Family at Canada's Wonderland

Located in a suburb approximately 40 kilometers north of Toronto, Canada's Wonderland is a 330-acre theme park in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Considered as "Canada's premier amusement park," be ready for exciting thrills, splashes and so much more at Canada's Wonderland! A visit there will surely be a memorable experience for the whole family.

For you to really enjoy your holiday in Toronto, you have to "experience" this vibrant city. I hope this list will help you get started in planning your trip if you wish to go on a holiday to Canada any time soon. Bring the family, your friends and loved ones and have fun in Toronto!

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