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5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Use Traveloris on Your Next Travel

Traveloris Ultimate Travel Tool

Planning your trip on a holiday is not that easy as you are expecting. Yes, travelling is fun, and spending your holiday going out for a vacation is priceless. But you can't do all of these without proper information needed. From here, research will take place. You need to do all the research including transportation, events, tourist spots, directions, hotels and many more. It will eat a lot of your time and need lots of efforts from you. And this process is time consuming and kinda frustrating. Good thing there is a new website named Traveloris that is set to be launched by the end of April 2016 where all your basic needs in planning your holiday travel are wrapped in one website.

Traveloris Ultimate Travel Tool

Recently, I was introduced to Traveloris and after watching their video on Kickstarter, I believe that it's a very useful travel tool that will be loved by travelers like us. So, I listed below my 5 reasons why you should use Traveloris on your next travel

Traveloris Ultimate Travel Tool

1. Traveloris acts as your Personal Interactive Scheduler

All you need to do is visit Traveloris.com, and then go to its homepage. Pick your desired destination and select when you are planning to take your trip. You can indicate also how many you are going for more reliable results. This will give you interactive scheduler where you can edit your itinerary. All you have to do is click and drag your chosen attractions.

2. Traveloris provides Well-researched and Hand-picked List of Attractions

These attractions can be found on the left side of the page. Each city has around 150 attractions that are well researched and handpicked giving you hassle-free choices of where to go in your trip.

3. Traveloris provides Tailored Events

You can also narrow down attractions by picking by categories. This website also includes concerts, gigs, and other events in the category for your pleasure. Traveloris will provide these tailored events that are available during your visit. How cool is that?!

4. Traveloris lets you Experience Google Street View

Clicking the attraction will give you enough information and will let you experience its street view to have closer look of the attractions you’ve chosen to include in your itinerary. This is an awesome feature that somehow gives you a sneak peek of what to expect in the place you are visiting.

5. Traveloris Provides Easy Navigation by giving the Easiest Ways to Get There

Once you are done choosing your attraction, simply click and drag it into the sheet log to make sure you will not miss out anything. After dropping it into the sheet, it will automatically calculate the recommended time you can spend there. Don’t worry, you can manually adjust it if you wish. What I love most here is that it will automatically give you the easiest and fastest route from your current attraction to your next attraction.

Traveloris Ultimate Travel Tool

And there you go. You have your first stop for your trip! Now, you can add more attractions on your sheet. If you’re done, you can either save your trip or print your personalized itinerary.

It could be your ultimate travel companion! With Traveloris, you don’t have to waste time visiting multiple websites, one website is enough.

Traveloris aim to be the ultimate travel tool where all your needs in travelling are found in one website. To make this happen, the founder needs our help. You can visit Traveloris in Kickstarter (a crowdfunding website) where you can donate and contribute.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s make this happen!

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