Optimize the Elite-ness of Seminyak by Staying in The Trans Resort Bali

Things to Do in Seminyak

Another great spot to visit while having vacation in Bali is Seminyak. Located near Legian and Kuta Beach, Seminyak is just as interesting as Kuta itself. But, there’s a belief about having some great time in Seminyak. Many travelers may have said that Seminyak is like the elite area for traveling. And with elite, surely it doesn’t take so much effort to expect that there should be lots of money spent to have fun in such area. Don’t be misled about Seminyak. Despite the "elite-ness" of Seminyak, this area is really worth to try. Tons of captivating beauties will never fail to attract travelers not only from Indonesia but also the other countries.

Things to Do in Seminyak

Things to Do in Seminyak

One thing about Seminyak is surely about its relaxation. Various beaches in Seminyak seem to be designed for great rejuvenation. Travelers can simply just lie down on the beach to refresh the body and rejuvenate the mind. At the same time, while doing it, have a great tanning time as well. Seminyak is also well-known as its fabulous sunset. If spending the time in beaches is too much, try to take a walk in Petitenget. It is a pura (place to pray in Hinduism) which is infamous for its haunted story. Please don’t think that it’s going to be scary to have some walk there. The pura is far away from being scary. After all, it’s just the story of the pura which makes it seem quite haunted. The condition of the pura is really well-maintained and it’s also often used for religious ceremonies.

For travelers who are looking for some adrenaline rusher, Seminyak also provides an attraction to pump the blood and boost the flow of adrenaline. Try bungee jumping. Once determining to give it a try, you will be taken to the jumping position which is about 45 meters above sea level. What’s even more challenging is that there won’t be any safety gears attached to the body except the rope tied on the feet. Just forget about the helmet and the rest. It’s guaranteed that the tension is going to be even more fantastic.

Elite Resort for Elite Vacation

See? None of those attractions seem to be too much compared to the price that should be spent. They are all so worth it. Complete your traveling in Seminyak with the great accommodation like what’s offered by The Trans Resort Bali. What’s so fantastic about this resort is actually the design. It’s so full of modernity combined with rich traditional touches.

The rooms are going to be more than just satisfying and pleasuring. High quality furniture and amenities are ready to let you have a great time staying there. Also spoil yourself with various privileges like spa and massage. Enjoy meal time in 18th rooftop bar as the most perfect spot in the resort to enjoy the scenery including the infamous sunset scene. Don’t ever think that it’s going to be tough to make reservation for the room in such resort. Traveloka is more than just ready and capable of making things easier for you.

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