Breathtaking Places in New Zealand

Breathtaking Places in New Zealand

Some of us are looking for that perfect escape into a world where only the most gifted fantasy writers could ever think of. Tolkien, famous for the epic story of The Lord of the Rings, was responsible for the creation of Middle Earth. And while it is impossible for us to make an actual visit there, we have the next best thing here on planet Earth and that is New Zealand.

Teeming with endless natural wonders, one should never miss a chance to see this country with their own eyes. Once there, it is highly recommended that tourists rent a car to make the most out of their stay. A car hire in Auckland airport is available where you can easily choose the car that is right for your budget and your family.

Starting off our list is the beautiful Kaikoura where the seafood lovers go to whet their appetite for more of their favourite food. Kaikoura means “a meal of crayfish,” and one can have their fill of the ocean there both gastronomically and visually. Dolphins make constant appearances there, as well as albatrosses, petrels, and shearwaters that grace the blue sky. Don’t forget your camera now!

After that, hop on back to your car to go to the picturesque Mount Egmont, or most commonly known as Mount Taranaki. For sharp eyed viewers, they may recognize this particular snow-capped mountain as the one used in place of Mt. Fuji for the movie The Last Samurai. There is still the threat of the volcano erupting, but the violence of this nature-made wonder is toned down by the wondrously lush foothills at the bottom. Explore this part if you’re ready to get wet.

For the brave of heart and those who want to see just how far they can push their bodies, the Tongariro National Park would be the best next place to see. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is famous not only for the 12 mile, 9 hour trek from end to end but also of the extreme condition of the pass. People have been known to give up on it and some have even been injured. Instead of being discouraged, however, people have instead flocked to the tourist spot more, to see if they can overcome the challenges of it themselves.

If your idea of a thrill is to feel the wind on your face on a bike, then you must make your journey to the landscapes of Rotorua which was recently given the gold level mountain bike status by the International Mountain Biking Association.

If a canoe is more your thing, you must head on to Paparoa National Park then where you will find the lovely Pororari River. This is also where the Pancake Rocks of the Punakaiki are – breath-taking and all natural.

There are plenty more to see out there, and renting a car would be the wisest thing you can do to maximize both your visit and time.

Photo Credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mt_Cook,_NZ.jpg. This article is from one of our contributors.


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