Best Destinations in Europe for Singles

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Others may find traveling as a single person to be a depressing activity. However, contrary to how others perceive it, it actually is starting to be a popular thing to do these days. This gives you the opportunity to have the perfect "me-time" and at the same time, mingle with other single guys/girls.

Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to having an adventure. So here is a roundup of the best cities to visit when you are single.

1. Venice

Nothing is more romantic than spending quality time with the one you love as you marvel at a city miraculously built on water. What others don’t know is that whether you have someone to share the moment with or not, it still is a great place to be in. It is packed with churches and museums for you to visit, and an amazing contemporary art scene. With thousands of visitors each year, you can definitely make new friends or meet new prospects.

2. Paris

Not much explanation because being one of the world’s most beautiful cities, you have every reason to be here. The gardens and courtyards, cafés, food markets, and playgrounds, are lived-in by the locals which assures you that there is no empty space in the center of it all. Explore every location and pretend to be a Parisian even for a day.

3. Rome

If you’re a fan of taking selfies then Rome would be the perfect background. Housing so many churches, archaeological sites, piazzas, and paintings, you have very little time to capture it all. There are many things to do in Rome and the energy that the city gives off is truly infectious that you’d make friends and meet people in no time. By the end of your trip, you would probably end up with someone else sharing a photo with you.

4. Amsterdam

This city has its allure that is available all year round. You can get to almost anywhere by simply walking or riding a bike and enjoy pretty bridges, quiet canals, or visit one of the best art museums. If you are lucky, you might even get the chance to witness the best orchestras in the world. The vibe is very liberating because of its rough and rebellious edginess. So go out of your comfort zone and start making new friends. Initiate a conversation over coffee or dinner.

5. London

With almost everyone across the globe traveling to London to visit, work, or live there, it definitely means there is more to it than just hearsay. When you are there, never miss on seeing the wide range of bars, restaurants, theaters, sports, pop-ups, and performance art, and large-scale events. These are what brings people to London so you might bump into somebody who is into at least one of your interests.

Being single does not have to be a miserable state, in fact, there are lots of holidays for singles available out there. Enjoy what you can do without having to worry about someone else’s taste. These cities can give you more than one reason to be happy about traveling alone.


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