10 Most Popular Filipino Street Food Dishes to Try in the Philippines

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines
Must-try Street Foods in the Philippines

Dare to try Filipino street foods? What is the most popular Filipino street food? Here's a Philippines street food guide of the must-eat dishes and Pinoy delicacies you'll find on the streets on your next trip to the Philippines!

They say "it's more fun in the Philippines!" But of course, Philippines will never be complete without street foods! Street foods are commonly seen on schools, parks, markets, churches, and bus terminals. Yeah, I know what you were thinking. Street foods are everywhere. And because it seems that it is very popular, let’s make a list of street foods in the Philippines I dare you to try!

10 Street Food Dishes You Need to Try in the Philippines

What to eat in the Philippines? Here are some of the most popular street food and must-try dishes for any first-time traveler in the Philippines!

1. Banana cue, Camote Cue and Turon

These three are commonly seen together and mostly prepared during late afternoon for merienda or snacks. Banana cue is a local banana called saba, fried in a caramelized brown sugar coating and then skewered in a barbecue stick. Same process with camote cue, the only difference is that instead of using banana, obviously, it is using camote. The turon is also made from banana (sometimes with langka) and wrapped in lumpia wrapper and then fried in caramelized sugar. Yummmm!!!

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines

2. Kwek kwek, Fishball and Kikiam

Usually seen together. Kwek kwek are quail boiled eggs dipped on orange batter. Why orange? I don’t know either. Fishballs are famous because of the tag line “fishball na lng ang di nagmamahal” and it’s true. Well, amazing right. Fishballs are made from pulverized cuttlefish meat and formed in a flat shape. Fried and dipped into variety of sauces like sweet, spicy and vinegar. And of course, my favorite among three – kikiam. It is made from ground pork and wrapped with bean curd sheets. Just like kwek kwek and fishballs, kikiam are also deep friend and goes well with sauces too. They are actually cooked all together, with the same sauces.

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines

3. Binatog

I can still remember way back then when I was a child, I would always ask my mom if it is Sunday whenever I hear the sound of the vendor of Binatog. Why? Because most of them are using bells (it is not actually a bell, I have no idea if that is a piece of metal but it sounds like a bell.) Okay, back to Binatog. It is made of steamed white corn kernels mixed with milk and shredded coconut. And then it is your choice if you’ll request for additional sugar or salt.

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines

4. Betamax

Betamax is a grilled chicken blood. Yes, blood. How come blood can be grilled? Well, blood when cooked will turn into thick, almost gelatin-like substance and then transferred into a square container letting it cool. And then cut into a box shape that looks like betamax tapes. This may actually looks weird and gross for some, but Betamax isn’t that bad, trust me.

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines

5. Adidas

No, this is not a brand of your favorite shoes. It is actually a chicken feet. It is usually served on a stick, glazed with sauce and then grilled. Served mostly during night and commonly seen together with betamax. This is very popular specially as “pulutan”.

6. Sorbetes

It is also known as dirty ice cream here in the Philippines. Oops, don’t worry! It’s not really dirty. It is actually because of your first impression when seeing their carts. Being considerate, vendors travel the streets everyday just to sell their ice creams. These homemade ice creams most common flavors are cheese, ube, strawberry and chocolate. They are also selling it on buns! Weird? But it's good!

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines
Strawberry Sorbetes from La Trinidad, Benguet

7. Taho

One of my favorite breakfast of all time. Once I heard that vendor shouting “Tahooooooo!”, I will automatically jump out of my bed and get my big glass (I believe that my “suking” vendor will give me more Taho when I am using my own glass haha!). Taho is fresh soya milk, mixed with caramelized brown sugar and pearls. Best served when hot.

8. Isaw

Always present in “pulutan”, this dish is undeniably addictive. Isaw are chicken or pork intestine, grilled and dipped into different sauces. I prefer it dipped in vinegar, while some choose to dip it on sweet or spicy sauces.

10 common Filipino Street Foods in the Philippines

9. Iskrambol

Crushed ice mixed with sugar, gulaman and sago, topped with powder or condensed milk. Others topped it with chocolate syrup too! Commonly seen outside schools and it is very popular especially on kids. It is also mixed with artificial colors (commonly used is pink) to attract more kids!

10. Balut

And the king of all street foods – Balut. Foreigners always find balut as some sort of exotic food. Eating balut can also seen as a challenge on some popular shows like Fear Factor and Survivor. Balut is a boiled duck embryo and paired with salt. Commonly seen at night, and believed that eating balut will make your knees stronger.

10 Common Filipino Street Food I Dare You To Try
Balut - Must-try Street Food in the Philippines

So that’s it. How many from the list have you tried eating? If you already tried them all, then, you are awesome!

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