10 Big Things You Can Do at KidZania Manila

Kid Friendly Destinations in Manila

All roads lead to KidZania Manila, the kid-sized city built for children that opened at Park Triangle Mall in Bonifacio Global City. Providing a unique and realistic educational environment, KidZania Manila allows kids between the ages of four and 14 to get hands-on experience on their dream jobs.

Built to scale for children, KidZania Manila is the first-of-its-kind indoor play city for kids, where they can explore a myriad of opportunities. But what makes the KidZania experience truly meaningful and authentic are the realistic places and recognizable brands that make up an actual city—from paved streets and kid-sized vehicles, to hospitals, shops and, dining destinations.

KidZania Manila banks on the power of personal experience as a learning tool to help kids find out about how society functions, and develop their independence, self-esteem and real-life skills, so they can get ready for a better world. The goal is to spark kids’ imaginations, ignite their minds, nurture creativity, and inspire real-world exploration.

Here are 10 big things kids can do at KidZania Manila:

1. Become a citizen

KidZania Manila establishes itself as a fully-functional society for kids, primarily promoting good citizenship. Here, kids can apply for a paZZport to become naturalized citiZens and fully enjoy the benefits of belonging to this great nation. They can enroll in the B•KidZanian program that has three Citizenship levels. With each visit, KidZanians accumulate stamps that allow them to upgrade their citizenship level and thus unlock privileges, earn more kidZos, and have more fun.

Kid Friendly Destinations in Manila

2. Seek employment

There are over 100 professions to choose from at KidZania but first, they’ll need to go through an orientation that will help them identify their strengths and careers that fit them. Kids get better direction in the jobs that they wish to pursue inside the city after consulting the employment office.

Kid Friendly Destinations in Manila

3. Tell the story of KidZanians

Children’s storytelling skills can be developed further as they play the role of a journalist in KidZania Manila’s Newspaper office. Here, they learn the basics of news writing after which, they are given the chance to write their own story for the city. They can also let their creativity soar at the Magazine Publishing Company, and write a feature story or illustrate their very own comic strip.

Kid Friendly Destinations in Manila

4. Investigate a crime

For kids who dream of helping keep the peace and order in the real world, KidZania also has its own law and order institutions, such as a Court House and a Police Department. When they sign up to work at the Police Station and Crime Scene Investigation establishment, they will get to play detectives investigating and solving cases, and participate in trials at the Court House.

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

5. Learn how to fly a plane

Wannabe pilots will be in awe once they step inside the Aviation Academy where they train on real flight simulators, and learn how to take off and land an aircraft. Aside from being a pilot, they can train to be a cabin crew member, too!

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

6. Save lives

Becoming a doctor is a top choice among children, and they can live out this dream at KidZania Manila. They can role-play as surgeons, paramedics, or veterinarians, and perform simulated procedures, giving them a glimpse of what it is like to save lives for a living.

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

7. Earn as they work

Inside KidZania Manila, kids will learn the value of their hard work. Kids earn kidZos, KidZania’s currency, for every job they perform. Through this, they get an introduction to financial literacy through basic transactions involving their earnings. They can use their kidZos to buy items from stores like the Joy Basket and Department Store, and avail of services inside the city.

KidZos earned from other KidZania facilities are accepted at KidZania Manila after having them exchanged at the bank. This leads to another fun learning opportunity for kids that entail managing their finances.

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

8. Open a bank account

On their first visit, kids can open their own personal bank account and will be given their own personalized ATM card which can be used at any of the city’s ATMs to withdraw their kidZos. Kids learn about saving money by apportioning their earned KidZos and enrolling for a savings account that will earn interest.

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

9. Get the license to drive

Getting their hands on the steering wheel is always an exciting activity that kids can’t wait to learn. KidZania Manila has its own driving school where kids can eventually secure a driver’s license and be able to operate a car within the play city.

The play city also has a car dealership shop where kids can know more about car design and assembly and a gas station where they can learn how to check tire pressure, change oil, and operate a gas pump.

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

10. Discover their green thumb

Kids can foster an improved appreciation for food as they learn its value and also the responsibility of growing something through KidZania’s Farm House Store and Urban Garden. As green grocers and urban farmers, KidZanians will understand how fruits and vegetables find their way into their homes as they go through the process of planting, harvesting, and delivering the produce.

They also get to examine and care for trees in the garden and around the city as they assume the role of an arborist. They are taught how to take care of the native trees—narra, bitaog and balete—seen in the city.

Destinations in Manila for kids and families

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Let your kids enjoy the KidZania Manila experience! For more information, visit manila.kidzania.com.


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