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More ways to use PayMaya Card

Good news Adventuristas! PayMaya, a new payment App lets you to book and purchase flights and accommodations online even without a credit card!

As we crave for more destinations to visit, we save to travel to our dream destinations. We follow different airlines on their social media accounts for us to be updated with their latest promos and seat sales. We read blogs about must-see places, many in our bucket list of things to do, and experience in our lifetimes. But the problem is, what will you do if you don’t have a credit card? How do you book that elusive cheap airfares during seat sale promos?

Don’t fret! Now, you can book and purchase flights and accommodations with PayMaya, the newest digital payments innovation from Smart eMoney, Inc.

More ways to use PayMaya Card

Pay online with a reloadable virtual Visa card

PayMaya is the first reloadable virtual Visa card in the Philippines that lets anyone to book flights and accommodations online in the easiest way yet so anyone can purchase airline tickets and reserve hotel bookings using their very own PayMaya Visa card. To download the PayMaya mobile app, all you need to do is go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the app for free and register with just your mobile number. As easy as that!

Now, your own PayMaya virtual Visa will be instantly generated by the app for immediate reloading and use. You can then purchase your airline ticket or book hotels online at the checkout or payment page using your PayMaya!

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Still Paying Over-the-Counter?

While airlines do offer other payment options such as over-the-counter cash at certain banks, malls, and convenience stores, they pose certain restrictions. First, payment centers are dependent on operating hours for accepting payments. Second, if you’re not able to pay the airfare on the time set by the airline (usually at the end of the day of the day you made your booking) your reservation for that elusive airfare to your dream destination will be cancelled. By this time, you will need to book again and hope that the flights you want to book are still available. I’m sure, you don’t want that to happen to you.

Also, if you don’t have the luxury of time to line up and pay at crowded payment centers to pay for your airline tickets is such a hassle.

More ways to use PayMaya Card

"Belong Anywhere" with Airbnb. Now you can with PayMaya

Now, what if the more determined traveller in you chooses the more bucolic country home experience, or an outlying bungalow, or even the more old-fashioned yet authentic city dwelling? PLDT and Smart’s newest partner, Airbnb, has been bringing these one-of-a-kind experiences to the new online generation of travelers. Their mission, “Belong Anywhere”, is evocative of their service’s unique nature. Airbnb assists people find stunning places around the world where they can feel home away from home, whether it’s renting an apartment, an entire house, castle, or a villa. Using Airbnb, customers can effortlessly filter for listings according to their preferences such as privacy in private rooms versus whole apartments, amenities or budget.

As the holidays draw nearer, Airbnb will allow PayMaya users to try Airbnb with a discount on their first Airbnb stay. Book using PayMaya and get Php1,500 off for a minimum purchase of Php4,500 on your first Airbnb trip.

So to travellers, adventurers, those seeking to experience fresh and diverse places, start searching for your next destination. Paying online? Now you can!

Aside from the virtual PayMaya VISA, actual cards are also sold at selected venues. Use the PayMaya Visa to pay at over 30,000 establishments accepting Visa. Visit www.paymaya.com for more information.

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