5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Grabr

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Grabr

Looking for rare finds, collectible items or hard-to-find goods but don’t have the chance to travel? Here’s a new way to internationally shop and get access to all of your favorite international goods! Get anything shipped directly to you from anywhere in the world using Grabr!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Grabr

What is Grabr?

Grabr is an international crowdsourced travel community that can deliver anything from anywhere in the world. Yes, anywhere around the world! They made it possible by making a new trend of peer-to-peer delivery service with a mission of being the most reliable, fastest and most human delivery service in the world. And when I say human delivery service, I mean it. I know you are curious by now, so let’s keep on talking.

Let me tell why you should start using Grabr!

1. With Grabr you can get anything delivered from anywhere

Get access to hard to find goods with Grabr. The shopper will create a grab (grab is the term they are using for the shoppers order). But this is not your ordinary shopping site. From here, you can order products from abroad, mostly rare finds, unique products, collectible goods and the likes from different countries. And that is the reason why Grabr is somehow better than other online stores.

2. Grabr utilizes simple coordination

Once you are done creating your order, travellers will bid to accept your grab. You can choose your desired Traveler, arrange the delivery and submit a secure delivery. Confusing? Okay let me explain this to you. “Travelers” are provided by the Grabr. They will be the one who will buy the item for you and deliver it right in front of you. Technically, the shopper and the traveler have to make a deal to complete the order. Don’t worry, there are lots of travelers provided so may the best bid win!

3. Personalized Delivery Service

Your traveler will deliver your item wherever you want. It is also important and helpful if you can leave a feedback regarding your experience with your traveler so that others will know how awesome the traveler is! It will also help your traveler to gain good reputation, and of course, better deals with his/her future potential shoppers

4. With Grabr, transactions are covered and secured

  • Grabr can assure you that they are keeping all the transactions safe and legal by warning you about regulations that apply. However, if there are cases that you experienced trouble with your traveler, Grabr can terminate the traveler that caused the problem.
  • Once an offer has been acknowledged, Grabr will place the payment on hold until the grab has been delivered and confirmed by the shopper. Upon confirmation, Grabr will now then release the payment to the traveler.
  • You can arrange a place to meet with a traveler to get your item. How cool is that?!

5. Bring something from abroad and get paid with Grabr

Make extra cash with Grabr. Using the Grabr, travellers get an added sense of adventure, earn some extra cash, and get a chance to meet new people.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Grabr

I have personally tried by placing a “grab” looking for a LG Magna H502f 8GB (Black/Gold).

It’s so easy. I just attached a photo of the item I am looking for and entered some details about it such as the item’s name, description, where to buy (optional) and the item’s price.

Then, I was directed to the next page where I entered a few more details such as the quantity, the travelers reward, the date until when I want to buy it, where I want the item to come from and where I want it to be delivered.

Now, I have posted a grab! All I need to do is to wait for a traveler who will be willing to take it and deliver the item to me.

I hope someone takes my grab! So I could share more to you how the experience is.

Try it too!

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Grabr

And that’s it. Easy, fun and convenient! Although Grabr doesn’t want to compete with the traditional delivery method, they can still assure you that they are worth trying. So go ahead and visit their site for more info https://grabr.io.


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