Get a U.S. Phone Number from Anywhere in the World using the iPlum App

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

Introducing iPlum – a new app designed for iOS and Anroid devices that allows you to call and text anyone in the US directly on their landline or mobile number when you are from overseas without international calling or roaming charges. Using this app, they will provide you a "dummy" number (I called it dummy because it will let you to have a US phone number) and you can use it everywhere around the world. How cool is that?!

How to Register with iPlum App?

1. Go to Google Play or Apple Store to download and install the iPlum App for free.

You may download it here on Apple Store or Google Play.

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

2. After installation, access the iPlum App to Register by tapping “Sign Up”

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

3. Enter your email address and tap “Start Sign Up”

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

4. A verification code will be sent to your email address. Enter the code and tap “Verify”

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

5. Enter your login details

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

6. Start using iPlum App!

iPlum phone number is free for 7 days and you can sign up for a 1 dollar per month subscription to keep the number.

iPlum App Review for Andriod and iOS

Why you should install the iPlum App?

1. Having this app, you can receive and send messages just like having an ordinary US number.

We all know that international call and text hurts a little and quiet expensive, and that’s why iPlum is to the rescue. Get rid of those roaming charges and say hello to a longer conversation. Using this app, they will only charge you 1 cent per minute or SMS. Yeah, 3 hours of uninterrupted call for less than 2 dollars. That’s a big difference!

2. Make your own tablet work like a regular smartphone

All you have to do is install the app, add an iPlum number to your tablet and voila! You can now use your tablet for incoming and outgoing calls or SMS. This app will give you a full-feature of calling and texting for iPads and Android tablets.

3. Safe and Secured

Rest assured that all your messages, information, credentials and attachments are safe and secured. They have a built-in AES data encryption with strong keys established by peer-to-peer negotiation so you don’t need to worry about your safety. Especially to those who are using the app for legal and business purposes.

4. Low bandwidth usage

The iPlum claims that their app is engineered for adapting to available data rates and latency of a broad range of Wi-Fi or cellular channels. Meaning, the app will consume low bandwidth, and can be used even with your regular 3G. Rest assured that you can still experience HD quality calling with low bandwidth usage. That’s a huge relief specially when you are having poor signal.

So that’s it. Install your iPlum now and experience great deals and unlimited subscriptions for a low cost. Spread the news, and don’t let roaming charges be a barrier for better communication.

For more information about iPlum, please visit their website www.iplum.com.


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