Best Countries to Visit that are Famous for its Cuisines

Best Countries to Visit that are Famous for its Cuisines

If you are a gastronomic type of traveler, and you just can’t say that you been into a country if you haven’t tasted their traditional food – I feel you. I do the same thing – I always have to taste everything and everywhere I go. From China to Italy, my tongue is waiting for new trips as much as I do. So after many years of such traveling around, I finally managed to make a short, but a super useful list of the countries that are famous for its cuisine. Below, you will find it and so you can start planning your trip right away. Just don’t forget that along with Hotels.com promo codes from ChameleonJohn.com you can save a lot of money for your hotel room and spend it for meals. So, Bon appetite!


Of course, how can I forget about the country that is famous for its cheese, wine, fashion and love affairs? France is a home for all foodies and let me explain why. From cheese and champagne to snails and baguettes, the French are famous for their food and you should have already known that. The best chefs in the world are usually French and this is a result of their undying love of making food and eating. Each region’s distinct climate and geography have influenced the array of regional specialties. So if you want to learn absolutely everything about French cuisine, take a long tour. After that, you can shop in Paris for new fashionable pants because you are going to gain a lot of weight for sure!


Europe fascinates not only with its architecture but food culture as well. And Italy, along with France, is also a country worth visiting for all food tourists. Its food is Italy's most famous export, and here is no doubt why that is. Pizzas, spaghetti, risottos, coffees and so many other amazingly delicious meals that originated from Italy in this country will amaze you even more. Definitely try some pizzas in Italy, it doesn’t even need to be in a specific region. And don’t forget to eat traditional Italian breakfast with strong espresso and simple bun. So just make the best out of this trip to Italy and discover the true taste of our beloved food.


This country in the Far East is not only famous for their technologies but their cuisine as well. Although it might seem that Japanese doesn’t eat anything expect of rice. It is not true. Every single dish you are going to order might contain the same ingredient, but the taste will differ drastically. You should also try Japanese famous noodles, such as soba and udon. Sushi, is very popular, in the world, but there are some other similar dishes you should try that contain raw fish. There also are sashimis, Kayu, donburi, and so on. Seafood is definitely one of the best in Japan so take a chance and try it. And if you are a little dare devil, order some FUGU and ask a waiter what it is. You will be amazed!


Well, finally, there been two European countries, one Asian, I guess it is time for American cuisine. And the first thing that comes to my mind is Mexican food. Forget about those fake foods you can eat at home, at Mexico there is a whole new world of real taste in front of you. It’s healthy and it’s spicy and it’s handy. What else do you want for a gastronomic traveler? Mexican food can be called an all in one stop. There is rice, beans, peppers, bread, and guacamole, of course, of which none Mexican family can imagine their day. Definitely try some professionally prepared burritos and tortillas what are famous word wide. In Mexico, you will discover how really it should taste. So enjoy!

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