Delightful Dinner at Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

Ippudo is one of the popular Japanese restaurants in the Philippines. Few weeks ago, I was invited for an intimate dinner at Ippudo Philippines in SM Mega Fashion Hall to try their new set of dishes that best described as the Ramen SideKicks.

Here are the top four Ramen SideKicks that we got to try at Ippudo Megamall:

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

Fried Chicken Skin Salad

This has a mixed of green salad with cherry tomatoes, shio tamago and crispy chicken skin bits with shoyu dressings and spicy mayonnaise sauce. A very refreshing salad!

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

Chicken Wings

Glazed chicken wings with white sesame served with a mixed greens salad on the side. I love this one as the chicken wings are so tasty and flavorful.

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

Nanban Karaage

A classic Karaage with a sweet sauce and Ippudo's tartar sauce served with a mixed greens salad on the side. Crispy and delicious!

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong


A classic Japanese okonomiyaki with an Ippudo twist. Japanese flour, yam, egg and chunks of chashu with black konnyaku, okonomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. A perfect partner to your Ramen!

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

From the list of Ramen sidekicks, I hope you were able to decide what will fit your Ramen. But I suggest you should try all of it.

Aside from the Ramen sidekicks, my Japanese food experience will not be complete without trying Ippudo's popular Ramen dishes. From the list of their Ramen dishes, I tried their Miso Akamaru. It comes with your choice of thick or wavy noodles in a flavorful fusion of 3 types of miso with Ippudo's signature tonkatsu broth and then topped with a slice of torched rolled chashu, sansio ground pork, fresh bean sprouts and green cabbage. Infused with koyu and Ippudo's ed Akamaru miso for that spicy garlic kick. And you can add nori, tamago and chashu for only 75 pesos.

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

I also tried the Ippudo best-selling buns. The Pork Bun is an all-time favorite steamed bun with juicy braised pork belly and Ippudo's original sauce. The Fried Chicken bun is Ippudo's signature steamed bun with a glazed crunchy chicken fillet, shredded cabbage and Japanese mayonnaise.

Ippudo SM Mega Fashion Hall Madaluyong

The food trip will not be completed without trying their dessert, they served us with their best-selling dessert called Matcha CrΓ¨me Brulee. It’s a creamy matcha brulee topped with vanilla ice cream and a sprinkled with matcha powder.

Overall, a must-try Ramen at Ippudo is Miso Akamaru, it is my new favorite ramen now! And to add some sweet taste, I must say that Okonomiyaki is the best ramen sidekick that best fits my ramen Miso Akamaru. I also like their pork bun that satisfied my cravings with its so good Ippudo sauce.

To know more about the Ippudo’s dishes and promotions, you can visit their website, www.ippudoph.com or like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/ippudoPH and follow Ippudo in Twitter and Instagram @ippudoPH.

Article and photos were taken by Ace Paragoyo, Pinoy AdvenTurista's official representative to the launch of Ippudo's Ramen SideKicks held at SM Mega Fashion Hall.


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