Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Busuanga, Palawan

Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Palawan

May 29, 2015 marks the start of the Nikon School on-Board. Its initial voyage was headed by none other than Mr. George Tapan. A Nikon Pro, National Geographic Photo winner and professional photographer takes us to a Photo Safari Trip with Nikon and 2Go Travel where not only do we hear his stories but also feel his experiences.

Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Palawan

Our journey started as we left Luneta from the Hub of 2Go Travel going to the Port of Manila where we boarded one of the ships of 2Go. Leaving Manila Bay through enroute to Coron Palawan we all felt excited.

Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Palawan

On our first night, after dinner, Mr. Tapan, share with us his journey in Photography. His way of presenting his photographs did not only show the skills that he possesses but also the story in every photo he takes.

Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Palawan

You can truly say that his passion for photography is infectious because for a 13 year old kid, our youngest participant, to be glued to a two and half hour long lecture can really say something.

During the talk he shared how he sailed to pro photography, where he mentions that a great picture takes time and patience. He believes that a perfect photo is at its most natural self because he has this principle saying “photographs should look like what your eyes see.”

Coming from Film Photography, Mr. Tapan’s work is slow paced while constructing each detail – from the composition of his photographs to the subjects he chooses. Since he controls all of what he takes a picture of, he makes sure that there is visible contrast between the landscape and the subject. Where you can see how the two elements compliment each other.

Finally upon arriving at Calauit, we were greeted by several types of wild life from birds to Giraffes and Zebras. On the site we started putting into action what Mr. Tapan has taught us, capturing the beautiful sceneries with his guidance.

During the photo shoot, he would also give us tips along the way. He would show us great angles for our photos while instructing us to wait until you see that perfect shot.

After two days of shooting countless awe-inspiring sceneries, each participant was told to submit at least two entries for a chance to win a travel certificate by 2Go Travel in line with Nikon Philippines and EPSON Printing.
The winning photographs will be displayed at the 2Go Travel corporate office and will eventually be featured in the 2Go Travel ship.
So with that, you can say your efforts in waiting for that “right moment” surely paid off. But even though your entry did not make it, at least you have an amazing experience worth sharing about.

Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Palawan

Wishing that the event would have lasted more than two days and despite all the mosquitos we had to endure, everything was still absolutely worth it.

School never felt this rewarding!

Meeting brilliant photographers, going on exciting journeys and taking stunning photos – who new school could be this exciting? The participants cannot wait until the next workshop. So don’t miss out and join them next time at Nikon School Philippines.

Nikon School On-Board Goes to Calauit Island in Palawan

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