5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada (Or Should You?)

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada
Thant Things Called Tadhana?

Sagada is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. It offers a lot of activities that tourists and intrepid travelers will surely enjoy. You can do trekking, spelunking, waterfalls hiking, visiting historical sites, food trip, sunrise viewing, and a lot more! Planning a trip to Sagada? Hmmmmm... Better be prepared! Read this first.

Don't Visit Sagada...

1. If you're afraid of small spaces...

..because you won't enjoy and see the beauty of its caves. For beginners, explore Sumaguing cave with it stunning rock formations and glittering stalactites and stalagmites. You can't say that you've been to Sagada if you didn't explore Sumaguing cave. Loser! Hahaha! (Harsh!)

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada

2. If you're on a diet...

..because the food in Sagada are really awesome, you'll end up eating more than the usual. Bawal muna ang diest! Must-try are Strawberry Cafe, Yogurt House, Lemon Pie House, Bana's Cafe, Salt and Pepper Diner and Pinikpikan House. I bet, you'll gain some pounds after your trip! Hahaha!

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada

3. If you're afraid of coffins...

...because you won't be able to appreciate one of Sagada's most iconic attractions - the hanging coffins. It is a burial ritual that is part of their rich culture and tradition that shouldn't be missed. Go to echo valley and see the hanging coffins up close!

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada

4. If you don't like walking or trekking...

..because in Sagada, you have to exercise your legs most of the time. Going to some of the tourist spots and "off-the-beaten" attractions would certainly require you to sue your legs and trek. Even just going to the store or dining in the restaurants, you have to walk from your accommodation to the restaurant. So better be prepared. Well, that's the best way to burn all the good food you've eaten. Hahaha!

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada

5. If you're not a morning person...

...because you'll definitely miss the mesmerizing sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan if you're too lazy waking up early in the morning. Well, who wants to wake up very early (I mean very very early!) if your'e being caressed by Sagada's cold weather? Well, I guess, this photo below will definitely convince you that you should! It's one of the best places on earth to watch the sunrise. Trust me!

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit Sagada

Sagada is such a lovely place. It's actually one of my favorites! If there's one place in the country that you should visit, that would be Sagada! But don't go to Sagada just to shout those "hugot lines" from the movie That Thing Called Tadhana. Go to Sagada to witness its exceptional beauty, savor its good food, marvel its awesome natural resources, meet its lovely people and experience its rich culture and tradition.

Always keep in mind that you're just a visitor; so please be a responsible traveler, abide by the rules, respect the people, their culture, traditions and "that place called Sagada." If you can't, just stay at home and don't go to Sagada!

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  1. thank you, especially for the precautionary advisory on being responsible and respectful. Enjoy my town.

  2. Hi Mervin, it was one witty way to get one's attention to read your Sagada entry and it did not disappoint :) This is one place i wish to return to since this was our honeymoon cove nearly 31 years ago.

    Imagine our journey and adventure back then when there were no blogs to read or to Google stuff was unheard of; after all it was in the '80's and the only inspiration we had was a film of Christopher and Hilda shot in the beautiful sights of this rustic mountain summit which awed us both and we wanted to have our own thing called destiny alone together in Sagada.

    wishing you more adventures to share with us in order to ignite our passion to celebrate life and its many journeys. keep safe always, Mervin :) --- blessings, April

  3. Nakapunta na ako dito nung Holyweek2013 kaya parang nagpapanata kami... Most adventure place lahat nandito na trekking, hiking, caving, swimming. I love the place kahit Buwis Buhay... I SURVIVE SAGADA fear factor lang ang peg... I Shall Return...! ^_^ « |heN$k!€ »

  4. Thank you for this posting. Just to reinforce and add: When you visit Sagada, all visitors and tour company people are to respect the culture, the people, the land and every attraction you visit. Sagada is home for our families, kin relatives and our anito (ancestors). Do not litter. Do not leave basura anywhere. Do not leave your tampons, menstrual pads and other items like some female tourists do in Sumaguing Cave: NO DESESCRATION! ALWAYS bring a special bag with you to carry out your own trash, water bottles and tampons, to take WITH you. And do not carve your initials into any of the trees. NO DESECRATION! Also, make sure to instruct your driver that after unloading at your inn, your driver must immediately move the vehicle and park off the main road such as in a parking lot or at the baseball field. Do not clog up the streets. To all visitors and tour companies: Be more than mindful. Have an enjoyable and respectful visit, if you are in Sagada.


  6. You definitely got me there! nice entry! Have not gone to Sagada yet but sure is considering it by this year after your post! and may I reinforce the above statements on DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT- yes, us highlanders value very much our culture and heritage, Visitors are enjoined to enjoy highland touring but keep in mind DISCIPLINE and RESPECT (wherever you go touring though).

  7. This is true... Thanks for the post. Please be mindful and respect our beloved place Sagada. It is our Sanctuary and Paradise. Tourist should be considerate to understand our culture and eveythinging in Sagada. Be EMPATHIC and treat it the way you treat your home. Do not litter, abide by the rules and don't be "bastos" yan lang po.

  8. We've been here last Feb and it was really a memorable experience. Sagada is a true beauty. We just had a 2-day stay and it was really not enough to explore all the hidden treasures of Sagada. Super bitin! >< We just had a bad experience with one of SAGGAS tour guide. We hired him for a tour in Mt.Kiltepan for the next day. We even agreed on the tour fee. We took his number so we can inform him once we're ready. The following morning, we woke up early, and despite of the freezing temp we took a bath and prepared for the tour. And guess what, NO TOUR GUIDE SHOWED UP. We texted him many times but no response. We even saw him near SAGGAS office that day and he didn't even apologize that our tour was cancelled without informing us. When we asked him about the tour,he just said it was cloudy.We were very disappointed.
    So for those backpackers planning to visit Sagada, I recommend you go directly to Tourism Office and they will set your tours with their tour guides. You can still go to SAGGAS office but only to ask info about tourists spots there. This is based on our experience and I'm not sure if other tourists experienced the same. Hope it just happened once because we're planning to go back end of this year.

    1. take a guide from sega

    2. Sorry for your experience with the SAGGAS guide. Can you forward his number (if you have saved it) to me so that I could talk with him personally. We live near the SAGGAS office. This is my talk and text number 09070887638...

  9. Please add TEN more reasons why people should "NOT VISIT SAGADA". Your choice of photos speak louder than your words, yet, your comments as to the "whys" are much appreciated, as well as the emphasis on RESPECT for the culture, the environment, the people, and everything that the town is endowed with. We, from Sagada believe that our town is no longer exclusively ours, but we strongly think that it is and will remain to be the Last Shang-rila if all others who come in to visit, would treat it that way too.

  10. Thank you all for your comments about Sagada, and also for emphasizing on cleanliness and discipline. I know that Sagada was not created for us, "natives", alone; but not also for just anybody. Sagada is there for anybody who would care to love her, respect her, treat her as if she is the best place on earth (as she is to me), appreciate her as she deserves, and above all, LEAVE HER AS CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL AS HE/ SHE FOUND HER.


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