Obedo Neck And Back Cradle, "The Travel Pillow You'll Need On Your Travels"

Obedo Best Travel Pillow for your Travels

I am the kind of traveler who doesn't enjoy long bus rides. The most that I can endure is a 6-hour bus ride with one stopover just enough to do some stretching in between. I am not into long bus rides because I have this congenital back problem called "sacralization of the L5 on S1" which makes me prone to severe back pains if I am seated for such a long time. That is why, as much as possible, I avoid long bus rides or at least cut it into sections that will not require me to sit for quite a long time.

Obedo Best Travel Pillow for your Travels

Just last month, I received two Obedo Neck and Back Cradle for me to try. It arrived at a perfect timing as I have a scheduled trip to Baguio and Sagada.

Obedo Best Travel Pillow for your Travels

Sitting on a bus or a car during long road trips can get really be tiring and uncomfy. But using an Obedo Neck and Back Cradle behind your neck or at your lower back helps reduce the discomforts. I used it during my recent travel to Baguio and then to Sagada and it gave me the comfort and a good sleep that I am craving for. It is indeed a neck and back support you have to experience!

Obedo Best Travel Pillow for your Travels

What I Like Most About Obedo Neck and Back Cradle

  • It's a multi-purpose travel pillow! You can use it on your neck, on your back or on your hips.
  • It's lightweight and completely washable.
  • It is fully adjustable for personalized comfort.
  • It has that velvety texture that, I love so much!
  • It is highly compact and portable and folds up flat. It doesn't take too much space on my backpack.

Obedo Best Travel Pillow for your Travels

Where To Order?

You can purchase the Obedo Neck and Back Cradle through their website at www.shop.obedo.com for only $24.95 USD. The best part is, it comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! How cool is that?! ORDER NOW!

"Obedo Neck and Back Cradle is definitely the only travel pillow you'll need on your travels! Grab one now for your future travels!


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