OMG! The JacksGap Is In The Philippines! (Who Are They?)

Photos of JacksGap in the Philippines

Founded in 2011, JacksGap is a YouTube channel run by British twins, Jackson Frayn "Jack" Harries and Finnegan Frayn "Finn" Harries. They also have a website www.jacksgap.com which is an online blog and video project that was born from a love of travelling and story telling. Not only that, every year JacksGap and the community who reads and supports their website embark in a campaign to help raise awareness for causes they admire by sharing the organization's story through video and to encourage others to support them. Currently, their YouTube channel has more than 3.9 million subscribers.

JacksGap in the Philippines

One of the twins, Jack is currently in the Philippines! Follow his adventures!

This post shall be updated with the latest instagram posts from @JacksGap, @JackHarries and @joshzoo (Jack's friend).

Magayon Mayon

Mount Mayon πŸŒ‹πŸ”₯

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on

OMG! Batad!

Brgy. Baag Hotspring

On the way to BRGY BAAG hot springs ⛲️

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on

The ride to Pinatubo

Driving rickety old 4x4's across volcanic ash on the way up to Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. πŸš™πŸŒ‹

A photo posted by Jackson Harries (@jackharries) on


Rice worker in Banaue 🌱

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on


Cool little waterfall hidden in between the rice fields 🚿🌴

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on

Mt. Pinatubo

Jack in Banaue, Ifugao

From Tokyo to the Philippines. @jackharries on a rickety bridge headed to Banaue. Photo by @joshzoo

A photo posted by JacksGap (@jacksgap) on

Ricefields in Batad, Banaue

Ricefields in Batad, Banaue 🌱

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on

Their taxi driver for 12 hours to Banaue

Our taxi driver for 12 hours to Banaue πŸš•

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on

@jackharries exploring Pinatubo

@jackharries exploring Pinatubo

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on

4x4 Ride to Mt. Pinatubo

Getting 4x4's up to Volcano Pinatubo this morning ☀️

A photo posted by Joshua Cowan (@joshzoo) on


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jacksgap
Instagram: @JacksGap
Twitter: @JacksGap

Jack said the Philippines is a "Beautiful Country!" Do you agree? Share this post now!

Photo taken from JacksGap Facebook page.
Source: www.jacksgap.com


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  1. OMG! I so love Jacksgap! I ve been watching their videos.... Very inspiring twins.


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