Insanely Delicious Cheese Cupcakes from Chizu

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

I couldn't find a better word to describe Chizu Cheese Cupcakes the moment I first tasted it. Insanely delicious! From the first bite alone, I could really taste its freshness and creaminess. It is soft, moist and definitely cheesy inside and out. CHEESE is it! And I definitely love it!!!

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Chizu is a small and growing online bakeshop specializing in mouthwatering made-to-order cheese cupcakes. They make classic cheese cupcakes using a family secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Chizu's cupcakes has that perfectly cheesy flavors with the right amount of sweetness treat.

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes are no-frills, no-frosting classic cheese cupcakes that are made from all-natural ingredients with less the preservatives commonly used in cupcakes such as baking powder and baking soda; but, it can be kept for 10 days even at room temperature.

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

It comes in regular and bite sizes packaged in lovely and high quality boxes. The regular size cupcakes can be bought in boxes of 3's, 6's and 12's. While the bite size cupcakes are available in boxes of 12's, 24's and 36's. I suggest that you buy the big boxes as Chizu Cheese Cupcakes can be really addicting.

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes Pice List

Chizu Regular

  • Box of 12's Php 375.00
  • Box of 6's Php 200.00
  • Pack of 3's Php 100.00

Chizu Bites

  • Box of 12's Php 150.00
  • Box of 24's Php 250.00
  • Box of 36's Php 350.00

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

This is a perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones for any occasions or as giveaways for weddings, birthdays or any special events.

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Delight your taste buds with Chizu's insanely delicious, home-made, cheese-filled goodies baked with love and happy hearts! Don't just take my word for it, you really have to try it!

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

How To Order?

For orders you may contact Chizu Cheese Cupcakes at 0917-5066269. You may also reach them through their Facebook or Instagram account at @chizuph.

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Thank you Chizu Cheese Cupcakes for sending me boxes of your insanely delicious cupcakes. I really loved it!

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes

Contact Number: 0917-5066269
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChizuPh
Instagram: @chizuph


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  1. looks yummy nga!!!!! I am drooling :)

  2. It's seriously good! I've been a fan of this. I always get a box of two almost every week The cheesecake is very flavorful, moist and soft... insanely delicious!. It's home baked too. You guys should give it a try! :)

  3. They said it's very delicious! Will try to cook one for myself since I am out of the country and nobody is going home soon and that leaves me with no choice. =(


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