8 Mobile Phone Travel Hacks You Should Know (But Probably Don't) #8 Is Hilarious, But It Works!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones

A mobile phone is one of the most basic necessities we bring when we travel. We use it in so many ways - to call, send an SMS, browse the web, play games and so many other useful things. But, no matter how smart your phone and the applications installed in it, there would be some tricks and clever ideas that may seem ordinary, but when when you try, it really works! So, here are some travel hack ideas for your mobile phones that you may need during your travels. Enjoy!

8 Mobile Phone Travel Hacks You Should Know (But Probably Don't)

1. The Cup Speaker

Get a cup and put your mobile phone inside to instantly amplify the sound. It is really amazing!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones

2. The Toilet Tissue Roll Speaker

Get the paper core of a tissue roll and cut a slit in the inside of the used toilet roll. Insert your mobile phone and you have a speaker for added volume of the sound. Enjoy your movie and music with these 2, not new, but brilliant ideas.

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Simple, but very useful!

3. Your Very Own Movie Theater

Want to watch movie "hands free?" Well, I'm sure you don't want to watch a 2 hour movie holding your phone all the time. Why not hang your phone? How? Get a zip lock made with clear plastic and put your mobile phone inside. Hang it securely at the back of the seat in front of you when you're on a plane, a bus or inside a car on one of those long road trips. Just sit back and relax while watching your favorite movie!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
That Thing Called Zip Lock. LOL!

4. Sunglasses Phone Stand

You can also use your sunglasses as a "mobile phone stand." On any flat surface, simply flip your sunglasses upside down and put your phone on top. Viola! You now have a cellphone stand where you could watch the movies you've downloaded. Hands free!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Si Agnes ng Forevermore

5. Save Power On A Power Bank

Heavy mobile phone users most probably already own a power bank. It is now one of the most important mobile phone accessories every traveler should have whenever on the road. Be sure to have a fully-charged power bank with you when you travel, especially if its going to be on a remote beach or island where there is no electricity. You'll certainly won't regret investing on a power bank. It is certainly very useful!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Power Bank

6. Solar Charging Power Bank

What will you do when your power bank is already drained and you still have no access to electricity? A solar charging power bank could save you! This power bank could save up to 4000 mAh and if you just keep on charging it under the sun, you'll never run out of power juice for your mobile phone. How cool is that?!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Solar Power Bank from CD-R King

7. Charge Your Battery On A Television Set

Was there a time when you forgot to bring the adapter of your mobile phone's charger? That's really frustrating! But don't worry, if you're in a hotel, you could actually use the television's USB socket (most modern TVs have it) to charge your phone while enjoying your favorite TV show. I love it!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Charging via the Television's USB

8. Waterproof With A Condom

Want to water proof your mobile phone? Use a condom! If sperm cannot go through it, water also won't! I tried it with my mobile phone, and it works!

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Inserting the phone inside a condom

How? Simply insert your mobile phone inside a condom and secure it tightly by tying the end twice or thrice. You can now use your mobile phone while doing activities where there are chances that you could get wet. This is perfect for activities such as spelunking, canyoneering, river crossing and others.

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Securely tied condom

For bigger mobile phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you'll be needing a bigger condom for it. XL sized condom is recommended! Not the "pinoy sized" condoms! Hahaha! Also, please use only new and unused condoms! *wink*

Travels Hacks For Mobile Phones
Soaking it on water

Already using some of these hacks? Do you think these are good ideas? Let me know what you think on the comment section!

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  1. matinde yung sa condoms ha! grabeeee.. :) and that solar power bank is amaing! bat di ko pa nakikita yan sa cdr king, saang branch ka nagpunta? :)

  2. ndi ba magmoist pa rin yung sa condom?


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