The Top Five Hiking Destinations in Asia

Top Five Hiking Destinations in Asia

Asia is a prime travel destination, especially for the adventurous hiker! We cover the top five Asian treks which guarantee you a breathtaking experience. So, get your walking boots and your travel insurance (better safe than sorry on that exotic trip) - let's go!

1. The Great Wall, China

No other man-made structure stands so tall and majestic that it can be seen from outer space. Up close and personal it is just as impressive. The ambitious hiker might consider a full walkthrough, but we have a better idea. Focus on the 12-kilometre stretch between Jinshanling and Simatai which provides the most awing sights in a spectacular clash between raw nature and ancient architecture.

Top Five Hiking Destinations in Asia

2. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

This is an old favourite which regularly makes the top-fives and top-tens of worldwide hiking, and we could not possibly leave it out. The complete trek takes two-and-a-half to three weeks, and it takes you through astoundingly varied terrain which never fails to impress: peaks, plateaus, and valleys follow artificial farmland terraces and river beds. The 300-kilometre hike reaches elevations of over 5,600 metres and also passes by a number of Hindu and Buddhist holy sites.

3. Mount Fuji, Japan

The legendary holy mountain with the picture-perfect snowcapped summit is not an airbrushed product, and you can see that for yourself! Mount Fuji is a popular hiking destination for trekkers from near and far. The ten hiking stations along the hard hike up the 3,800-metre slope provide ample support for hikers of all levels of ability and strength. Be sure to load up on motivation as you go into this hike: many choose not to make the final push to the summit, but the ones who do are rewarded with one of the most beautiful sunrises on Earth.

Top Five Hiking Destinations in Asia

4. Pamir, Tajikistan

Moving westward into Central Asia, you cannot bypass the Pamir Mountains, or "The World's Roof" as their Persian name goes. This is largely wild and uncharted territory and not an endeavour for the absolute novice. Booking a local guide is highly recommended! Pamir will reward your arduous trekking with sights of pure wilderness and unbridled natural power no other place on earth can match. If your trek proves too challenging, you can descend onto the Pamir Highway and take in awe-striking sights on the drive back.

5. Mount Bromo, Indonesia

How often do you get to climb an active volcano? One of nearly 130 Indonesian volcanos, Gunung Bromo is famous for its symmetrical cone and accessibility. Soldiering through the sulphur clouds and craters' ominous gurgle will give you incomparable thrills. The summit offers a beautiful sunrise view. Keep an eye out for restricted areas and stick to the safe routes!

Top Five Hiking Destinations in Asia

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