10 #Diskarte Travel Notes And Tips You Should Know (But Probably Don't) When Traveling Around The Philippines

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I always believe that traveling is one of the best ways to spend your time, money and energy. When I travel, I experience a lot of things - both good and bad - that shaped me as a person. It had taught me to be more adaptable to the world around me. It also made me adjust to situations that I encounter in my day to day activities. Indeed, traveling is one of the best teachers in life.

Pasalubong Shopping in Baler Discover Baler Souvenir Shop

Traveling through the 81 provinces of the Philippines is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. However, one cannot always get the "good thing" from travelling; there are some challenges and hiccups to be encountered along the way. Here are 10 #Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips that could make traveling around the Philippines easier for you or perhaps help you appreciate traveling even more.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

1. Limited Budget? Plan and book ahead!

I have always believed that a well-planned trip is cheaper than those "spur-of-the-moment" adventures. Plan the perfect time to travel. Do it on off-peak season as well as on a weekday. It's way cheaper than during weekends and especially peak seasons. Book your plane tickets in advance to get huge discounts from airlines' seat sale promos. This is one of my "tried-and-tested ways" on saving a lot on travel expenses.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

2. Pack light

Save some extra money on your travel expenses by bringing only the things you need. There's no need to pay for extra baggage fees and to check-in you luggage as you only bring a hand carry baggage with you. It also makes moving and exploring around easier and comfortable, making your trip less stressful.

3. Late for your flight?

Web Check-in can save you. Some airline provides this useful online service where you check-in yourself on their online system before your flight. I have used it several times on my previous trips and it gave me more time allowance in case I arrive late to the airport.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

4. Traveling alone? Who's gonna take your photos?

Ask the locals or the people around you to take photos. It's also an awesome way of starting a conversation. Otherwise, use a tripod and your camera's self-timer function. That's the easiest way to take those precious moments.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

5. Delayed/cancelled flights?

This could be one of the most frustrating situation a traveler could ever experience. I always just keep calm and talk to the airline staff on what we can do. I've experience it a few times and with proper coordination with the airline staff, everything went out well.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

6. Lack of transportation? Hitch a ride!

There was a time when we can no longer catch public transportation back to the city proper. So we had to wait and hitch a ride from a truck to get back to our hostel. Hahaha! It's a fun experience!

7. Overcharging Taxi?

I've experienced being on a taxi where the driver won’t turn the meter on. I kept my calm, asked him to let me out and looked around for a metered one. Keeping your cool and being calm will make you think better.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

8. Use your charm to request for your desired seat in the plane

I always do this when checking-in for my flight. Luckily, I get the seat I want most of the time! :)

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

9. Learn a basic dialect

Knowing how to use a few conversational local phrases will help you get around much easier. Even if you don't speak fluently, hearing you trying to speak their dialect will bring some big proud smiles in their faces.

10 Diskarte Travel Notes and Tips Pinoy Adventurista

10. Be friendly and wear a lot of smiles

Being nice and polite when traveling can help you a lot in getting directions when you're lost and gaining more friends. Filipinos are naturally friendly and helpful to tourists; just smile, ask questions nicely, and you'll get the help you needed, or even more.

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A Man of #Diskarte is someone who keeps his cool and stays calm in every situation. It's a matter of how you react in every situation that you encounter and making the best out of it in a smart and confident way. How about you? Are you a Man of #Diskarte? What are your #Diskarte tips when traveling? Share it with us on the comments section below!

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