Organic Dining Experience at Good Earth Garden Café in Tarlac City

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

I felt like I was transported in a forest with the cool breeze of the air and the chirping sounds of the birds when we arrived at Good Earth Farms and Food. Oh noh! I'm not! We're actually still in the heart of Tarlac City under the hot mid-day sun. Hahaha! I might just be dreaming as I just woke up from a quick nap inside the tricycle on our way here. The very cozy yet rustic ambiance of the farm that is so relaxing made me thought that I am somewhere away from the city. Yeah, that must be it?!

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

Upon entering Good Earth Farms, you will pass through a charming shaded walkway leading to the Café. The place is accentuated with a lot of ornamental plants that makes it feel refreshing and relaxing. There's also an al-fresco dining set-up where you could dine for that "closer to nature" feel or for a more intimate dining experience.

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

A family-owned business, run by the Sotero family, Good Earth Garden Café is a restaurant-café that serves guilt-free comfort food and dishes made from home-grown organic ingredients coming from their farm. They are dedicated in serving vegetables that are harvested daily to ensure the full flavor of fresh produce served to their customers.

Where to Eat in Tarlac Good Earth Farms and Food

The province of Tarlac has always been just a transit point for most tourists on their way to the north and not so many have really explored what Tarlac has to offer. Aside from experiencing the Capas ATV Adventure, this trip to Tarlac City last month is for us to have a taste of the flavors of Tarlac.

So, for lunch on day 1 of this weekend adventure, we were hosted by Good Earth Garden Café. Here are the organic dishes we got to try:

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

Malunggay Pasta

Al dente noodles tossed generously in extra virgin olive oil with malunggay leaves, parmesan cheese and organic herbs and spices. A solo serving costs PHP 90.00 and family size (good for 4 persons) costs PHP 260.00 pesos.

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

Malunggay Pizza

A healthy pizza made from hand-tossed crust topped with malunggay flakes, tuna bits and cheese. Solo serving costs PHP 60.00 and family size (good for 4 persons) costs PHP 235.00 pesos.

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

Tofu Sisig

Tofu with onions seasoned with herbed vinegar. This one is really hot and spicy! It was good but it's too spicy for my taste. A serving costs 110.00 pesos.

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

Saluyot Pizza

Also made from hand-tossed crust, it is topped generously with saluyot, onions, tomatoes, cheese and organic herbs and spices. This one is really good. I like it better than the malunggay pizza.

Good Earth Farms and Food Tarlac

Tilapia Spring Rolls

Filleted tilapia marinated in tanglad juice, fried and wrapped in balu-balu leaves. I really love this dish. It's one of the favorites of our group! If I were to recommend one dish from Good Earth, this must be the one. It costs PHP 110.00 pesos per order.

Where to Eat in Tarlac Good Earth Farms and Food

Tanglad Chicken

Juicy and tasty native chicken marinated in lemongrass and organic herbs and spices and then baked to juicy perfection. It is available in whole, half, one-fourth or per piece servings and costs from PHP 70.00 to 280 pesos.

Where to Eat in Tarlac Good Earth Farms and Food

Tanglad Juice

Cold and refreshing lemongrass juice, it is made from fresh and home-grown tanglad mixed with calamansi, honey and ginger.


If you wish to bring home some of their products such as sauces, vinegar and juices, they are readily available for sale at the Café. It's an awesome pasalubong to your family and friends back home.

Where to Eat in Tarlac Good Earth Farms and Food

Tomato and Tuyo Sauce

Where to Eat in Tarlac Good Earth Farms and Food

Tomato Vinegar

It's not everyday that I get to eat organic dishes, but I can say that Good Earth Café's dishes are really good and tastes fresh. Although they were prepared differently from what I used to eat, I still enjoyed most of the dishes served to us. Organic dishes at Good Earth Café doesn't mean tasteless and bland dishes. They have already mastered the way their dishes were cooked with a healthy twist and from original recipes without sacrificing the taste.

"We left the restaurant satisfied and really full but not feeling bloated. It was indeed an awesome organic dining experience!"

Good Earth Garden Café

Address: Carangian, Romulo Highway, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines
Contact Numbers: 0917-278-9237/ 0915-405-3998
Email Address: ge.farmsandfoods@gmail.com
Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/goodearthfarmsandfoods
Note: Advance order is required for takeouts, deliveries, pick-ups, and for office functions.

This is part of our weekend adventure trip in Tarlac that happened on August 9-10, 2014. Read more from the posts below:

Disclosure: Good Earth Café provided our meals. Thank you for hosting us in Tarlac City.


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  1. I love that more restaurants in the Philippines are embracing the full range of Filipino produce, even things like saluyot that are sometimes seen as lower-class foods. I learned a lot about cooking with ingredients like these during my travels in the rural areas and I've really been wanting to apply them to Western cooking techniques, so it's cool to see that some people are already doing that!

  2. Thanks for this! I have been looking for weeks for a good blog regarding this place. More power to you! :)


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