Zamboanga City's Knickerbocker

Where to Eat  in Zamboanga City - Paseo del Mar

I've been to Zamboanga City for 3 times already. But it was only on my 3rd visit last August 2013 that I got to try this famous dessert among the ZamboangueΓ±os. The knickerbocker is a "halo-halo like" dessert of delightful mix of fresh fruits, jellies, condensed milk and topped with strawberry ice cream. It is a refreshing dessert that has been a long time favorite among locals of all ages.

Where to Eat  in Zamboanga City - Paseo del Mar

So, how does it differ from the conventional halo-halo that we are used to? The fruits (watermelon, mango, pineapple, melon, apple) are all fresh! Unlike the halo-halo, the knickerbocker is not too sweet, yet very creamy and refreshing. And yes, it's very filling! :)

Where to Eat  in Zamboanga City - Paseo del Mar

Head to Paseo del Mar, (a seafront park located near Fort Pilar) during sunset and experience food adventure by trying out some of the local favorites including the famous knickerbocker at Pinoy Patio (Palmeras) for only Php 65 pesos per glass. Quite refreshing and cheap; a sweet way to cap your night in Zamboanga city.

Where to Eat  in Zamboanga City - Paseo del Mar

If you wish to have it anytime of the day, it is also served in the main branch of Hacienda de Palmera Hotel and Restaurant along Pasonanca Road.

Where to Eat  in Zamboanga City - Paseo del Mar

So, aside from the famous satti and curacha, grab a cup of knickerbocker at Paseo Del Mar while enjoying the stunning sunset or after riding the vintas sailing around the area.

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  1. Wow mukhang masarap nga siya! Ang angas din ng tawag, knickerbocker. Hehehe.

  2. Was this during our last visit to Zamboanga? super nakaka-miss ang knickerbocker!

    1. yup... balik tayo sa Zamboanga! Food tour naman! :)

  3. yum!!! i cant wait! it would be my first time to visit the Latin City :) ... thanks for the tip Mervs! :)

  4. I miss this! There was a stall before at the Megamall Food Court selling this and I was hooked for a time. Sayang, wala na. =(


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