Bicol's Best Toasted Siopao at 3N Bakery in Pasig City

3N Bakery Toasted Siopao in Pasig City

One Bicolano specialty that you should try is the toasted siopao. It's not the same steamed siopao that we used to know but its like a "monay bread" stuffed with pork asado and bits of egg. It is actually not fried but baked until well done thus, "toasted". Its asado filling is saucy and very flavorful. You need not put siopao sauce anymore when eating toasted siopao. The bun also tastes good and its nicely toasted yet soft in the inside.

3N Bakery Toasted Siopao in Pasig City

If you're in Manila and wanting to have a taste of this Bicolano specialty, there's a 3N Bakery that can be found along Pasig Boulevard Extension in Barangay Rotonda, Pasig City. The owner of the Pasig branch, Mr. Ruben Magsalin, told us that the ingredients used in their toasted siopao are from the original 3N Bakery branch in Libmanan, Camarines Sur.

3N Bakery Toasted Siopao in Pasig City

I've tried 3N's toasted siopao in Legazpi City during my previous trips in the Bicol Region. Comparing it to what I've tasted in Legazpi City, I can say that the taste of 3N Bakery's Pasig Branch is really authentic. Yum yum!!! I'm drooling on toasted siopao right now. Hahaha!

3N Bakery Toasted Siopao in Pasig City

3N Bakery is open daily, from 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM. They always have freshly baked toasted siopao which costs 9.00 pesos per piece.

3N Bakery Toasted Siopao in Pasig City

I've tried several toasted or fried siopao before, but 3N's toasted siopao is so far the best I've tasted. Masiramon!!!

3N Bakery Toasted Siopao in Pasig City

3N's Bakery Pasig

Location/Address: Pasig Boulevard Extension,
Barangay Rotonda, Pasig City
Telephone Number: (02) 986-5831


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