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Cebu Mactan International Airport

If we’re talking surprises, for me, the best surprise out there would be a weekend away. Of course, a week away would be even better, but I appreciate that could be rather difficult to organise!

If you’re the one doing the surprising, the key? Organisation on every single detail! From the moment you leave the house, you need to be firmly in control, and that includes planning how you’re going to get to the airport in the first place. My opinion? Drive and book airport parking in advance. If you can grab a bargain city break flight from the capital, then don’t let the driving distance put you off, because this all adds to the surprise mystery! Booking Stansted parking couldn’t be easier, and there are facilities available at all the other major capital airports, as well as nationwide. This idea will save you stress and money, which could be put to much better use.

If your beau needs time off work for your surprise, make sorting that out a priority, as it’s no good planning your trip if in the end, nobody can go because of work. How you do this is up to you, but priority number one!

Once the time is secured, get to work on the destination. For me, it would be beach or city, but for a weekend away, I don’t think you can beat a city break. For pure excitement, variation and plenty to keep everyone occupied, you can pick several cities literally on the doorstep, and low cost airlines generally fly to all of them.


Accommodation in a city again won’t be a problem, with plentiful hotels, boarding houses and B&Bs to choose from. If this is a romantic surprise, pick something special, and don’t scrimp on cost, however having said that, don’t waste money needlessly. Your hotel is a base after all, and it’s the sights you see, as well as the romantic meals, strolls, and time spent together that matter.

When the fateful day arrives, will you keep it a secret until you arrive, or will you spill all on the morning of departure? I guess that choice is yours, however I’d suggest keeping a little mystery on side, with a little tease on your destination until you check in. After that point it’s pretty impossible to keep it a secret anyway, but the look of surprise on your special someone’s face will be reward enough.

Put simply, a treat like this says you put serious thought into something that will make your other half smile, and let’s face it, it is the thought that counts.

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