New KakaoTalk Features make Location Sharing and Events Planning Easier!

Sometimes when I'm on long bus ride during my travels, when friends ask me where I am, I cannot give them my exact location. It usually happens when I'm traveling at night or when it's my first time to take that road. What I usually do is check my Google map to see where I am. Describing and telling a friend you're exact location can be especially difficult. Good thing that KakaoTalk, the No.1 Social Networking App in the iOS App Store, now offers a Location Sharing feature, which reduces the hassle of giving my accurate updates on my current location.

With only a few simple taps on your phone or tablet, using KakaoTalk’s "Location Sharing" feature lets me tell my friends where I am, instead of typing out the complete address. It also has a feature where I can share a certain location of my choice.

Here's how to share you location in KakaoTalk:

  • Simply swipe the chat window to the right where you will see a newly added "Location" button in the hidden menu bar.
  • Choose between your current whereabouts or location of choice by search, depending on the situation.
  • Then, by clicking the 'Share Location' bubble, this information will automatically be shared to your group of friends in the chat room.

As simple as that! This location feature takes advantage of the default map applications for the different operating systems such as Google Map for Android OS and Apple Maps for the iOS.

"The location feature offers a seamless experience for users, by allowing them to share either their current location or a location of choice all within the KakaoTalk chatroom, without the inconvenience of switching between different applications", says Tim Jang, director of Kakao Philippines.

In addition to KakaoTalk's latest Location Sharing feature, it is also good to know that I can now easily gather my friends for a date with the help of its "scheduling" feature. This helps in setting meet-ups, reunions, appointments and meetings between me and my friends on KakaoTalk. It certainly reduces the hassle of planning and coordinating time schedule with my friends.

Here's how to schedule and event in KakaoTalk:

  • Tap on the menu at the upper right-hand corner of your screen and tap "Schedule".
  • It will then display a window where you could set up the event.
  • Input the date, time, event title, notes (if any), location of the event, time zone and reminders if you wish to get an alarm for the event.
  • By clicking "OK", it will automatically be shared to your group of friends in the chat room.

"The scheduling feature goes hand in hand with the location sharing feature. Just plug in details such as the date, time and location, and send it off to your friends. You can keep easily track of who has confirmed or declined all within the app," notes Jang.

I certainly love these cool new features on my KakaoTalk. It definitely eases communication and scheduling with my friends. What are you waiting for? Join in the fun and conversation online with KakaoTalk!

KakaoTalk is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Bada and PC. For more information, visit KakaoTalk’s website at www.kakaotalk.com.ph.


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