TRAVEL GUIDE: 10 THINGS TO DO IN PAGADIAN (Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience)

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Pagadian City is a chartered city located in the province of Zamboanga del Sur and the regional center of Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX) as well. It is the kind of place where you can enjoy a wonderful blend of urban development and countryside life. In Pagadian, there are business establishments you'll normally see in a bustling city, as well as nature spots where you could relax and unwind. You can find many places and do many things in Pagadian City. Here's a list of some of Pagadian City's tourist spots, attractions and things to do and to experience in the city.

Pagadian City - Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

1. Ride the Iconic Pagadian Tricycle

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

The iconic tricycles of Pagadian are the best way to get around the city. This is the only place in the country where one can enjoy tricycles which are inclined on a 25-40 degree angle. Take a ride and enjoy a roller coaster ride along Pagadian's uphill and downhill terrains.


Tricycle in Pagadian

25-40 degree angle

Enjoy a roller coaster ride

2. Trek to Manga Falls

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Located about 7 kilometers away from Pagadian city proper, it is a two-tier waterfalls, surrounded by lush vegetation, huge trees and thick forest. They say, you could find white monkeys as you trek your way to the waterfall, unfortunately, I didn't find any.


Trail to Manga Falls

Manga Falls

My ride to Manga Falls

3. Lunch at Greenhouse Fishing Station and Restaurant

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Located at the heart of a massive fishpond, this is where you could have lunch and sample on Pagadian's fresh seafoods.

4. Enjoy the view at the Rotunda

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Here, you'll enjoy an elevated view high above the downtown area overlooking the blue waters of Yllana Bay. This is a good spot to take a rest to just enjoy the great view.

5. Climb Mt. Palpalan on a Tricycle

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

One of Pagadian City's well-known adventure spots. Here, you'll find communication towers stand tall at Mt. Palpalan's peak. Standing at 700 feet above sea level, it also provides a breathtaking view of Yllana Bay and the city proper. Getting to the peak, you have two options. Either you trek the paved road or take a tricycle going up, I did the latter.


View of Yllana Bay

Me at Mt. Palpalan

Mt. Palpalan

6. Take a look at Dao Dao Dako

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Located in Yllana Bay, this is an island about 7-10 minute ride by motorboat from the seaport. I didn't went to the island due to lack of time, I just enjoyed its view from a far.

7. Check out Dao Dao Gamay

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

Also in Yllana Bay, this is a smaller island or a sandbar that becomes partially submerged during high tide. Also, I didn't go to the island due to lack of time. The activities that you could do here are fishing, swimming, and boating.

8. Have snacks at Mennies Bakeshop

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

A local bakeshop serving great snacks. Must-try is their chocolate cake!

9. Visit Plaza Luz

The locals' favorite place to hangout. You'll also find here the first Dancing Fountain in Region IX.

10. Dinner at the 2-peso Barbeque

Pagadian City Zamboanga del Sur

End your day with a barbeque dinner at the hawker stalls near Plaza Luz. You'll find here barbeque for only 2 pesos each.


With Doc Wends

Barbeque stalls


Pagadian has a lot more to offer to tourists and travelers. All of these I did in just one day, which could also serve as your reference in creating your itinerary when visiting Pagadian City. Tara and let's discover Pagadian City!

This is part of my trip in Zamboanga Peninsula that happened in July 12-15, 2012. Zamboanga del Sur is the 69th province on my list.

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