WHERE TO EAT IN BAGUIO CITY: Hill Station at Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road

The gastronomic adventure in the "City of Pines" continues. This time, we're dining at Hill Station, one of Baguio City's most regarded restaurant. It is located at the ground floor of Casa Vallejo, a century-old building restored a few years back as a bed and breakfast hotel. It's easy to find the hotel as it is located very close to SM Baguio. Upon arrival at the hotel, we made our way towards the basement where a bar area greeted us.

Hill Station's Bar Area

We walked further towards the main dining area which gives me a fine dining vibe. I love the big wide windows, polished floorboards, heavy wooden upholstered chairs and chandelier pieces nicely hanging at the ceiling.

Hill Station is hailed as one of the best restaurants in Baguio City offering a wide array of savory international cuisines inspired by the owner's travels around Europe, America and Asia.

The spacious main dining area

Upon settling ourselves in our nice and comfy seats. We were served with a basket of their complimentary bread and dip. There were two saucers of dips, one is filled with olive oil and the other one is with dukkah, an Egyptian side dish made from herbs, nuts and spices.

Bread and dip


Then we were served with Caesar Salad with Shredded Duck Confit (PHP 260.00) - I like so much as it is creamy and made from Baguio's fresh veggies. And the shredded duck confit is so flavorful.

Caesar Salad with Shredded Duck Confit (PHP 260.00)

Main Dishes

Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs (PPH 395.00) - This is also one of my favorites as the ribs is very tender, literally falls off the bone. Served with organic rice, the ribs is poured with a special sauce, it's tender yet it has a crunchy texture on the outside. This is definitely a must-try!

Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs (PHP 395.00)

Lamb Tagine with Honeyed Prunes, Mediterranean Vegetables and Couscous (PHP 460.00) - Made from lamb meat tangines (slowly simmered Moroccan stews) cooked with honeyed prunes. It's a bit sticky and has a complex sweet sauce paired with steamed couscous or pita bread. A very flavorful dish!

Lamb Tagine with Honeyed Prunes,
Mediterranean Vegetables and Couscous (PHP 460.00)

Pita Bread

Crispy Duck Flakes (PHP 360.00) Organic rice topped with laing and crispy duck flakes. This is perfect for those who love their food with lots of texture.

Crispy Duck Flakes (PHP 360.00)


Lemon Squares - it has that right lemon-ish zest and sprinkled confectioners sugar, which I like.

Lemon Squares

Ice Cream Palette (PHP 180.00) - A signature dessert of Hill Station, it is composed of 5 flavorful home-made ice cream. Served in a unique artist palette, it has Benguet Coffee with Choco Chips, Dark Chocolate with cayenne, Vanilla Cinnamon, Mango Rum and Salted Caramel. What a great way to cap our Hill Station experience!

Ice Cream Palette (PHP 180.00)

Overall, our lunch at the Hill Station is something I could personally say that is truly memorable. These dishes are all new to me and left a lasting memory on my taste buds. They might be a bit pricey, but I must say, you'll certainly get what your money is worth. I'll definitely dine here again when I visit Baguio City in the future. Highly Recommended!

Hill Station at Casa Vallejo

Address: Luneta Hill, Upper Session Road,
Baguio City, Philippines (across SM City Baguio)
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday, 7:00 AM-11:00 PM
Telephone Number: (+63-74) 424-2734 / (+63-74) 423 9100 / (+63-74) 423 9558 / (+63-02) 664 4850
Email Address: info@hillstationbaguio.com
Facebook: Hill Station
Website: www.hillstationbaguio.com


From Manila, take a Victory Liner bus bound for Baguio City. Victory Liner has hourly trips to Baguio City. Terminals can be found in Pasay, Cubao or Sampaloc. Fare is around 450 pesos and travel time is 6 hours. Visit their website (www.victoryliner.com) or follow them on Twitter @VictoryLineInc for inquiries and updates. Thank you Victory Liner for sponsoring our trip to Baguio City.

This is part of Baguio Food Tour 2013 that happened on October 26-28, 2013. #BaguioFoodTour2013 is a gastronomic adventure in the Summer Capital of the Philippines participated by 10 bloggers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Beyond the usual tourist attractions, this event aims to promote Baguio City as a food destination in Northern Luzon. Read more from the links below:



Disclosure: Hill Station at Casa Vallejo is one of the partner-restaurants of #BaguioFoodTour2013. Thank you for hosting us in Baguio City.


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  1. Just want to share my experience to this restaurant.

    The taste of the food is just okay and pricey for the serving size. Service is not great, restaurant said it is pet friendly but they have specific rule that pet can only be at the bar area and we are not aware of it. They gave us a table, let us settle there, get our orders, gave us our ordered drinks, gave and let us eat the appetizers (free bread with olive oil and herb, fries and salad that we ordered) then when they served the main dish, one of the server asked us that our pet is not allowed and should be left in the bar. The servers did not even let us know from the start about their rule and let us settle and eat the appetizers, they should have let us know from the start so that we can just be at a table at the bar or we can find another restaurant that has good atmosphere for customers with a pet. We are on the middle of our eating and they just inform us, it is a hassle for us since we have to take turn to accompany our pet. Atmosphere is just okay, a typical old house design. Overall, I would not recommend this place.


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