Aklan - Spending an Afternoon at Jawili Falls and Beach and Tangalan Chuch

Since I don't have anything to do after all the festivities at the Ati-atihan Festival has ended, the whole afternoon of my 4th and final day in Aklan was spent in the town of Tangalan. Located just 45 minutes away from Kalibo, I spent my time here just taking photos, relaxing at the beach and visiting the church.

My first stop was the Jawili Falls, located at Brgy. Jawili. It is a 7-basin waterfalls perfect for a cooling dip on its crystal clear waters. An entrance fee of 5 pesos is collected at the gate. There are also some cottages where you could have some picnic with your family and friends.

The place is quite developed with a nicely decorated walkway, picnic huts, grilling stations, shower rooms and a store where you could buy what you need.

If you'll be bringing a car, parking lot is also available. I'm sure you'll enjoy swimming in the basins and the scenic flow of fresh water pools of Jawili Falls!

After staying for about an hour in Jawili Falls, I asked the driver of my rented tricycle to bring me to Jawili Beach. It's just a few meters away from the falls. You could actually just take a leisurely walk to get to the beach.

The beach may not have white sand but it is fine. It's colored gray, just like the beaches of Nagsasa and Anawangin coves. The water is clear, I can see my feet as I dip on the water. Though the shoreline is dirty during my visit due to heavy rains the previous days, I enjoyed spending my time just sitting on the shore, enjoying the cool breeze of the air and eating my snacks.

If you wish to stay overnight, there are several resorts to choose from. It's a nice place to just relax and enjoy! I want to come back here some other time and probably stay overnight.

I asked my driver to bring me to the poblacion where I saw this charming church on my way to the falls and the beach. The 115-year old Tangalan Church, dedicated to St. John Nepomocene, is one of a the few remaining Spanish colonial era structures in Aklan, which was built in 1889.

Made of limestones and coral stones, it took 28 years to build under forced labor system during Spanish rule. It is considered as one of the oldest churches in the province of Aklan.

The interior is simple, plain and bare. Walls are painted in white, the floor is made of old tiles and with no ceiling.

Still, this small church is worth a visit. Don't miss it before returning to the highway.

From Caticlan or Kalibo, take a bus, van or jeepney that passes by the town of Tangalan. Tell the driver to drop you at Tangalan Public Market, fare is around 20-30 pesos, travel time is about 45 minutes. From there, take or hire a tricycle that will bring you to the falls, beach and church. Tricycle rental is around 200-300 pesos, round trip. If you are alone, taking the tricycle with other passengers going to Jawili falls is 20 pesos. But since tricycles do not usually passes by, you could arrange with the tricycle driver to wait for you and bring you back to the highway. I paid 150 pesos, including the waiting time.


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