Aklan - Arriving in Boracay, a Weekend Getaway with Friends

Boracay is probably one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines and a favorite leisure spot among local and foreign tourists. Located at the northwestern tip of Panay Island, its beaches were acclaimed as one of the best in the world. I've been to Boracay last February this year, alone. So when my friends planned a trip last October, I quickly said yes! Why? Because I know it will be a whole new experience with them.

I want to share the experience at the world's famous and favorite beach with my friends. From Manila, we took a flight to Caticlan (Boracay) Airport via a turbo prop plane from a local budget airline. Upon arriving at the airport, we walked towards the Caticlan Jetty Port which is just about 10-minute walk from the airport. We saved 25 pesos each, instead of taking the tricycle. Hahaha!

Since I was here just a few months ago, I was surprised to know that fees already gone up. Terminal fee is now 100 pesos and Environmental fee is now 75 pesos. The only fee that did not increase is the boat fare at 25 pesos. But, for me, it's okay; I could see a lot of improvements at the terminal. Good job to the port authorities!

After a short boat ride, we arrived at the island of Boracay. We took a tricycle (20 pesos each) to our accommodation in Station 1.

We got quite a good deal with White Beach de Boracay Resort for a room good for 5 persons, I hope we could also get such a good deal like this in hotels in Manila. Since it was still early in the morning to check-in, we just left our bags at the reception area and went out to explore the beach.

We walked through the long white sand beach of station 1. When we reached Boracay's famous Jonah's milkshake, we ordered some drinks to freshen up. They are very famous to tourists as they offer one of the best milkshakes in the island. We ordered one of their bestsellers, the nutty choco-banana milkshake for 105 pesos. It was good! I like the texture of the nuts as I sip on my milkshake, like what I had when I used to go to the gym. Oh! This makes me want to try a fitness center nearby. Hmmmm…?

After about an hour, we continued walking to the whole stretch of station 1, passing by different resorts and restaurants. We also reached the part where there is a huge boulder; I don't know exactly what the place is called, but it was so beautiful. We just spent our time having fun in taking photos and enjoying the sights around. I love hanging out with my friends; everyone's so funny and easy to be with.

When it's time for us to check-in, we went back to our accommodation, fixed our things and readied for our planned activities in the island.

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We're now ready to explore Boracay the "touristy way"! Woohoo! Let's go!


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