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Mountain Province - Climbing Mt. Ampacao, the Highest Peak in Sagada

We woke up early on our 2nd day in Sagada. After a hefty breakfast at the hostel, we started to walk towards the jump-off site of Mt. Ampacao near the Ambasing Elementary School. It only takes about 40 minutes of walk to reach it coming from the town center. Towering at 1,889 MASL, Mt. Ampacao is considered as the highest peak in Sagada, thus it offers a breath-taking view of the town.

Upon reaching Ambasing Elementary School, we asked some locals as to where the way to the summit of Mt. Ampacao is. They told us to take the concrete road on the right and just follow the trail going up.

We just kept on walking along the steep concrete trail. We're taking it slow as we wanted to enjoy the view, the cold weather and the lush scenery around.

After about 30 minutes of steep ascend, we were already tired. Hahaha! We rested for a few minutes while enjoying the stunning view of Kapay-aw Rice Terraces.

Then we continued the hike. This time, the path turned into rocky, clay-ish trail. What you would not miss noticing are the pine trees all over. There are a lot! They provide natural shade to the trail which helped us not feel the heat of the rising sun.

We took another break as I was already gasping for air. Again, we enjoyed great views and enchanting landscapes of Sagada.

After about 2 hours since we started the hike, we finally reached the "ranch". Located at about two thirds of the mountain, hikers always mistaken it as the summit. We also did! Hahaha!

It was cold and very windy at the ranch. But we're very happy that we finally reached it. Masaya ako, pero kita naman na pagod na ako. Hahaha!

The view from the ranch is superb! You could see straddling mountains from a far. Urgh! Truly beautiful!

Marked by a cell site, the summit requires another 20 minute hike. Since we don't have a guide, we decided not to climb the summit.

We just stayed at the "ranch" for more than one hour, taking photos, eating blueberry cupcakes, relishing the view and thanking the heavens for an awesome climb.

Here's a 360-degree view from the "ranch".

We wanted to trek to Lake Danum, but since we don't know which trail to take, we just decided to go back to the jump-off. It only took us about an hour to reach the starting point.

  • No permit is necessary in hiking Mt. Ampacao.
  • Getting a guide is optional, it can easily be hiked without a guide. But if you want to get a guide, they are available at the municipal hall or at SAGGAS. The standard rate for a guide is around 600-800 pesos, good for 1-10 persons with trek to Lake Danum
  • To save on transportation cost, you may opt to just walk going to the jump off instead of hiring a jeepney. It is just 40 minutes away from the town center by foot. Standard jeepney rental is around 350 pesos (one way to the jump off) and 500 pesos (to the jump off and back to the town from Lake Danum).
  • Eat heavy meal before the hike and bring trail food.
  • Bring enough drinks (water, juice, or energy drink).
  • Wear a jacket, comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  • I don't have any information if camping is allowed, but you can finish the hike in less that 5 hours.
  • Practice "Leave No Trace Policy" at all times.

How to get to Sagada? Click here.

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This is part of my Holy Week and Araw ng Kagitingan long weekend holiday trip in Ifugao, Mt. Province and Kalinga last April 5-9, 2012. Mountain Province, a landlocked province in the Cordillera Administrative Region is the 59th province on my list. We enjoyed the peace and serenity of Sagada and Bontoc, its rusty idyllic atmosphere, cool climate and most especially, the friendliness of the people. Join me as I continue my journey to visit all 80 province in the Philippines!
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  1. Beautiful view of the mountains. Parang easy hike lang pero I'm sure nakaka-pagod din. Hehe...

  2. Good resting spot. may maliit na pine tree pa mervz.:-).

  3. gustong gusto ko na talaga magpunta sa sagada at sa mga bundok na napuntahan mo inggit. Hirap din kasi pag may work ka hirap umabsent daming nasasayang na opprtunity

  4. Na-eexcite tuloy ako na bumalik ng Sagada (WALA SANANG BAGYO) and wow kaya palang magpunta sa Mt. Ampacao kahit walang guide?, Kuha na lang kami siguro ng Guide para makapunta dun sa Smart Cell site.

    Thanks po sa info. sir.

  5. Ayyyy!! Bonggang bonggang bong bong ang bundok na ito!!! Shet!! I have been wanting to visit Sagada and do the spelunking and caving but I can't find anyone na pwede sumama saken. AHAHA. Mga ilang days recommend mo to stay in Sagada?

    1. 3D and 2N ok na... madami na magagawa... dalawa lang kami kaya mas madali kami nakapag ikot... ganda talaga kc very cheap ng accommodations and pwede talaga makatipid if maglalakad lakad lang... hehehe! :)

    2. Awwesome! Thanks thanks, bale 5 days noh, yung 1st day eh Day 0 then 5th day is pauwi. Haba ng biyahe hehe.

    3. yup yup... byahe talaga ang kakain ng oras eh... hehehe! :)

  6. nice mukang ok na ok ang hangin sa ganan lugar unlike here haha


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