TAAL VOLCANO: Day Hike Guide, How to Get There, Budget, DIY Itinerary & Useful Tips!

Planning a Taal Volcano Day Hike?

Hiking Taal Volcano is easy. One need not be an experienced mountaineer to do it. You can actually reach the crater lake by riding a horse. Hahaha! Located approximately 65 km south of Metro Manila in the middle of Taal Lake, it is considered as the smallest active volcano in the world. Taal Volcano’s charm is indeed magnetic. Seeing its crater lake is truly worth the hike.


Via Tagaytay City
From Manila, take a bus bound for Tagaytay City, Nasugbu or Balayan and alight at the terminal of jeepneys bound for People’s Park. This is located before you reach the rotunda. Take a People’s Park bound jeepney and alight at Ligaya Drive. Then take a jeepney or tricycle to Talisay Batangas. Upon reaching the town, you need to hire a motorized banca to reach Volcano Island which is the jump-off point to Taal Volcano crater lake.

Via Tanauan, Batangas
From Manila, take a bus bound for Lipa or Batangas City which passes by the town of Tanauan (don’t forget to ask the bus driver if it passes by Tanauan). Tell the driver to drop you at the bus stop in Tanauan. From there, you could take a jeepney to Talisay. At the public market, you will see boats that you can rent going to the volcano island.

  • Bring enough drinks (water, juice, or energy drink).
  • The best time to hike is early morning or before noon time.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  • Ride a horse for an easy way up to the crater lake, but I would suggest that you do trekking to fully enjoy the scenery.
  • Bring extra clothes and towels.
  • Wear anything that could protect you from the sun (Sun block, hat, eyeglasses, umbrella, arm sleeves. etc.).
  • Eat heavy meal before the hike or you could bring light snacks. You could also buy from the stalls selling food and drinks at the viewing deck.
  • Wear a face mask to protect you from the dust due to the volcanic ashes.
  • Practice "Leave No Trace Policy" at all times.
  • Before you go home, you can do a side trip to Tagaytay City (Picnic Grove, People’s Park in the Sky, Sonya’s Garden, Bag of Beans and others).

  • Depart for Tagaytay City or Tanauan Batangas
  • Arrive at Tagaytay City or Tanauan
  • Take a jeepney to Talisay
  • Ride a boat to Volcano Island
  • Pay Environmental Fee
  • Start Trek
  • Arrive at the crater lake
  • Enjoy/explore the place
  • Snacks
  • Picture-taking / Relax
  • Start descent
  • Arrive at the jump-off point
  • Ride the boat back to Talisay
  • Take a jeepney to Tagaytay or Tanauan
  • Depart for Manila

  • Boat Rental in Talisay Batangas : 1,500 pesos/per boat (round trip)
  • Environmental / Tourist Fee : 50 pesos (adult) and 30 pesos (children)
  • Horse Ride : 250.00 – 500.00 pesos
  • Landing Fee: 20.00 per boat



Trek through the stunning landscapes of the Philippines to the world’s smallest active volcano - Taal Volcano which is also the second most active volcano in the Philippines with 33 documented eruptions. The adventure starts bright and early in the morning as you meet up with your tour group in Manila before heading to Batangas, where you'll hop on a boat to the island volcano.


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NEW RATES (as of January 2016)

  • Php 2,000 / boat (6 persons max.capacity)
  • Php 100 / head entrance fee
  • Php 500 guide fee (for the whole group)
  • Php 450 / horse
  • Php 50 / boat landing/docking fee
Source: Angelo (Tour Guide)

WHERE TO STAY? Click here to search for hotels in Tagaytay City

Boat Rental : Angelo - 09197280514

I hope this Taal Volcano Guide will help you plan your awesome Taal Volcano day hike!

Happened last March 11, 2012, this is part 2 of a 2-part series of "Conquering Taal Volcano" in Talisay Batangas.



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  1. ganda tlga ng taal its more fun in thephilippines hoho

  2. mahal ng horse ride! pfft! >.<
    PERO SULIT NMAN DIN UNG SCENERY. Pero mas maganda mg hike. exercise tas nkasave kapa! haha

  3. di ko pa na try....kc lagi busy busyhan...thank your tips..na bookmark ko na...kc plano ko tlga sana di na maulan:)

  4. may pagasa din pla akong maakyat ang taal.

    kayanin ko kya talga? hahaha

    1. Kaya mo yan! hehehe! I'll be organizing a hike soon, sama ka!

  5. I'm planning to organize a trek for a few friends to Taal. We are all beginners. Can you recommend contact people? Do we need a guide going up and in the crater just like in Pinatubo?


  6. We had our honeymoon in Tagaytay,(my wife is Filipina) and visit every year now with the children (they love to horseback ride in Picnic Grove)..Tagaytay is a comfortable air-con bus ride from Manila and very cheap..you can buy snacks on the bus from vendors who hop on for short ditsances to sell their goods-a GREAT idea for hungry travelers on the bus for an hour or so. Most have TV , but I prefer the view out the window of the trip there...We stay either at Days Inn which has a nice pool and Jacuzzi attached to it.. (closer to town of Tagaytay) or ViewPark Hotel which is located right across from 'Picnic Grove' and convenient to the Grove, but you need a tricyle ride to get to town to get snacks,ice, supplies etc,(not much else out by Picnic Grove or Peoples Park in the way of stores-but as said you can purchase snacks from local vendors. Viewpark Hotel is very inexpensive but the rooms are small-Great for couples on their Honeymoon it has a romantic air about it and a nice veranda-w/ coffee shop you can sit out on and look across to the park.. Both it and Days Inn Hotel were clean and the staff were courteous. 'Bag of Beans' is a excellent Resturant and we have eaten dinner there several times. It is also very inexpensive, (but they have several fast food places in town if you prefer that way to go).While at Bag of Beans you must try the locally grown coffee served there and exported World Wide it is strong rich and robust just the needed thing for a morning or afternoon nap wake up but Beware if you tricyle to dinner at night to Bag of Beans you may have to ask one of the staff there to summon a tricycle or taxi to get back in to center of town, we found that it is not a place where tricyles wait around but you can hike a short way up the road towards town where they do wait and will take you back to your hotel. We have done the walk to 'Peoples Park in the Sky' ,but not the Taal Volcano hike. Thankyou for the excellent article and tips, looks like you covered all the bases and we may try this next time we are there. Any advice when bringing young to preteen children on the hike ?? I myself would HIGHLY recommend Tagaytay City and Taal volcano for those who want a fun, inexpensive weekend trip with a local ambience to it, backdropped by the lovely view of Taal...

  7. masaya ang taal crater lake adventure.... huwag nyo lang babadtripin ang bangkero nyo..... kung ayaw nyong maranasan ang mapapadasal kang boat ride.... whooh.....heheheheh

  8. malaki ba ang horse nila ? kaya ba ang 200 lbs ?

  9. malaki ba ang horse ? kaya ba kargahin ang 200 lbs?

  10. How many persons can fit in one boat?

  11. Kung maghihike? Ilang oras bago makarating?

  12. Kung maghihike? Ilang oras bago makarating?

  13. Ung bingay mo bang amount like sa banca ahm round trip na ba un?o papunta plang?

  14. Very informative. Thanks for the blog. :)

  15. Thanks for this! :-) Really helpful in planning our anniversary activities. Hoping for more great adventures for you!

  16. Ive been there laat year.great experiece.From tagaytay to Taal just trekking with my co ojts and chefs from days hotel.Beautiful scenery.Best way to experiece the beauty of our own land :)

  17. Great help. Thanks for this! Will be there next weekends with my fiance. Hope it won't rain..

  18. Great. Thanks for the info. Will be there next weekends with my fiance. Hope it won't rain..🙏

  19. Ahmm is there a promo po kay good for 4-5 for a trip and adventure at tall

  20. Hi po! May mga pwede samahan po ba n groups for adventures like these? Loner kasi eh. Haha tyia

  21. Pag solo dapat e rent mag isa ang bangka?

  22. Pag solo kelangan e rent mag isa ung bangka?

    1. Actually, pwedeng sumabay sa ibang group na may 2,3,4 pax basta hindi llagpad sa capacity. Mas okay since makakatipid lahat :)

  23. Ang mahal ng horse ride at ang daming fee..panu ka gaganahan magexplore sa bansa kung pag landing nlng may fee pa.. Lol lahat may fee anubey

  24. hi. were planning po to go there on June 4 sana hindi maulan :). 2 lang po kami. makikigroup na lang po sana kami para makaless sa Bangka.

  25. Hello po. I'm planning to go there on January 10 or 11. 2 lang po kami, pwede po ba sumama kami sa ibang group para maka-less sa boat rental?

  26. Hi po, ask ko lang po if open sila this coming holy week? Thanks for the reply!

  27. Hi okay lang kaya to go there on january or slippery yung trail sa mga ganyang month? Thanks po.

  28. One need not be an experienced mountaineer to trek Taal Volcano, mainly for three reasons - the trail is easy, the volcano is quite small, it's near Metro Manila. Taal Volcano is one of nature’s greatest wonders nearest to Manila. ... Gaining an elevation of 311++ MASL, the hike to Taal Volcano’s crater doesn’t seem too challenging. ... Starting the adventure in Tagaytay, we rode a tricycle going to Talisay, Batangas. Tagaytay tourists love to admire Taal Volcano from the ridge or ... along with a guide, and since we were such 'first-time tourists' there and since to visit. All that you need to know for hiking Taal Volcano. ... For PHP 900 you will get the boat ride, a guide, a horse ride (especially if you're not keen of hiking.)


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