Benguet - A Quick Stopover at the Halsema Highroad Point, the Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System

As I descended Mt. Timbac and almost reaching the jump-off point, a truck stopped by the road and let me hitch a ride. I hopped at the back of the truck almost losing my balance and asked if they will pass by the "highest point marker". One of the passengers answered yes, so I requested that they just drop me there.

The Halsema Highroad Point or the Philippine Pali is a natural attraction located in Cattubo, Atok Benguet. Considered as the highest point in the country's Philippine highway system with an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level, it is about 2-hour drive from La Trinidad, the capital town of the province. In this case, since I'm coming from a climb in Mt. Timbac, it is just a few minutes away from the jump-off at KM 55.

I said thank you to all of them and jumped out of the truck. I proceeded to the viewing deck at the back of the food stalls lined up the road side. Enjoying the cool wind, I was blown away by the overwhelming views of vegetable gardens, mountain ranges, the towns of Kabayan and Atok and the deep valley. I was stunned by the daunting view right in from of me!

This is a favorite stopover among motorists on their way to Sagada or back to Baguio City. You should stop by here when you travel along the Halsema high-way, one of the most picturesque route I have traveled so far.

Hopefully next time I could travel the whole stretch of it to fully enjoy the great views and enchanting landscapes along this hi-way.

This is part of my "Benguet Twin Hike Adventure" that happened last March 17-18, 2012.
Map By: Wikipedia


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  1. i was here last weekend. pero umuulan kasi so hindi ko nakita yung view. sayang. hehe.

    1. Aw! Sayang naman... di bale, pagbalik na lang... :)

  2. kahit sang stop over ganda ng view ee nu

    1. yup yup! ako ang napagod sa kakatingin sa view... hahaha!


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