Climbing Tip : Mt. Cabuyao and Mt. Timbac - How To Get There, Tips & Reminders, Itinerary, Expenses and Contact Details

This Climbing Guide and Tip will help you plan a "Benguet Twin Hike Adventure". It provides basic information on how to get there, things to do, suggested itinerary, important reminders, guidelines, general expenses and contact details that will guide you through your adventure. If you're new to climbing mountains, these two peaks in the Cordillera is a perfect training ground for you. Enjoy!


Manila to Baguio City
From Manila, take a Victory Liner bus bound for Baguio City. Terminals can be found in Pasay, Cubao or Sampaloc. Fare is about 455 pesos and travel time is around 6 hours.

To Mt. Cabuyao Jump-off
From the city proper, take a Green Valley jeepney and alight at the end of the route. Travel time is 20-30 minutes with a fare of 14 pesos. From here, you could start the trek to the summit of Mt. Cabuyao.

To Mt. Timbac Jump-off
Option 1 (via KM 55 in Atok Benguet) : From Dangwa terminal at the city proper, take a regular bus bound for Sagada, Bontoc or Abatan. Buy a ticket and tell them that you'll be alighting at KM 55 in Atok Benguet which is the jump-off point to the Mt. Timbac trail. Fare is 80 pesos and travel time is about 2.5 hours. From here, you can meet-up with the guide and start the hike.

Option 2 (via Kabayan, Benguet) : From the Slaughterhouse bus terminal along Magsaysay Avenue, take a regular bus bound for Kabayan which departs at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM daily. Travel time is 5 hours and fare is around 130 pesos. From the town center, you can meet-up with the guide and start the hike.


  • No permit is necessary for hiking Mt. Cabuyao and Mt. Timbac.
  • The best time to hike is early morning or before noon time.
  • Eat heavy meal before the hike and bring trail food.
  • Bring enough drinks (water, juice, or energy drink).
  • Wear a jacket, comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.
  • Bring extra clothes and towels.
  • During summer, wear anything that could protect you from the sun, there is not much cover in the trails (Sun block, hat, eyeglasses, umbrella, arm sleeves. etc.).
  • During rainy days, the trail gets muddy and the view is very low visibility due to fog.
  • Camping is allowed, but it can be just a dayhike.
  • Have courtesy in passing along crop lands, avoid stepping on them.
  • When visiting the Kabayan mummies, the culturally accepted way is to get an Ibaloi guide. You need the guide as he will also coordinate with the caretakers for the keys to open the mummy cave.
  • Do not touch the mummies to avoid further deterioration.
  • Please show appropriate courtesy and respect for the dead.
  • You can hitch a ride in going up or down, there are some private vehicles and vegetable trucks that use the road as well, but it is best enjoyed if you walk.
  • Practice "Leave No Trace Policy" at all times.


DAY 0 - Manila to Baguio
  • 2300 Depart for Baguio City

DAY 1 - Mt. Cabuyao Climb
  • 0500 Arrive in Baguio City
  • 0600 Breakfast
  • 0700 Take a jeepney to Green Valley
  • 0730 Arrive at the Jump-off, start trek
  • 0930 Arrive at the summit of Mt. Cabuyao (Radar), rest
  • 1000 Start trek to the cave
  • 1030 Arrive at the cave, explore
  • 1100 Go back to the summit (Radar)
  • 1130 Arrive at the radar, start decent
  • 1300 Arrive at the jump-off, take a jeepney to Baguio City
  • 1330 Arrive in Baguio City, Lunch
  • 1430 Check-in at a hostel and wash up
  • 1500 Explore Baguio City
  • 2000 Go back to the hostel and sleep

DAY 2 - Mt. Timbac Climb and Visiting the Mummies
  • 0500 Wake-up and prepare
  • 0600 Depart for Atok, Benguet
  • 0800 Arrive at Morning Star Bus Stop, Breakfast/buy trail food
  • 0830 Leave bus station
  • 0900 Arrive at KM 55 jump-off, rest
  • 0930 Start trek
  • 1130 Arrive at the Junction to summit/mummy cave,rest, have lunch
  • 1230 Ascend to the summit
  • 1300 Arrive at the summit, take photos/explore
  • 1330 Go back to the junction
  • 1400 Arrive at the junction, proceed to the mummy cave
  • 1415 Visit the Fire Mummies
  • 1430 Go back to the junction, wash up and prepare to descend
  • 1500 Start descent
  • 1600 Arrive at the jump-off at KM 55, take a bus bound for Baguio
  • 1610 Alight at Halsema Highroad Point, take photos
  • 1630 Take a bus bound for Baguio
  • 1830 Arrive in Baguio City, Dinner
  • 2000 Depart for Manila


  • Bus Fare (Manila-Baguio and vice versa) - 455.00
  • Motel Accommodation in Baguio City - 300.00 to 500.00
  • Jeepney Fare to Green Valley - 14.00
  • Bus Fare from Baguio to KM 55 and vice versa - 80.00
  • Mt. Timbac and Mummy Caves Guide Fee - 1,000.00/group
  • Transportation around Baguio - 200.00
  • Food expenses for 2 days - around 700.00
  • My expenses - approximately PHP 3,500 (Solo Trip)


Guide to Mt. Timbac and Mummy Caves
Vince Gapuz - 0919-8524410

This is part of my "Benguet Twin Hike Adventure" that happened last March 17-18, 2012.
Map By: Wikipedia


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  1. Nakakatakot yung last pic mo sa bangin parang ako yung pinagpawisan sa taas! Haha... Thanks for sharing this guide.

    1. You're welcome Ian... hope you visit Benguet soon! :)

  2. takot ako sa mataas na luagr peo kung ganyan b nmn ang view eeh go na ng go

    1. sanayan lang... nasanay na ako sa kaka-akyat ng bundok... sobrang ganda kc talaga ng view sa taas... Thanks Mecoy!

  3. Everything I want to know is on here. Very informative post. I hope I could visit the places next summer

    1. Yeah, visit it... i'm sure you'll love it too! Thanks Rome! :)

  4. Good you reminded hikers not to touch the mummies. And my heart was in my shoe when I saw that last photo! Katakot naman yan!

    1. Hope everyone will follow... Thanks AJ! natakot din ako, photo ops lang... hehehe! :)

  5. I Love the Way You CLIMB! hehehe Isama mo naman ako minsan. :)


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