WHERE TO EAT IN DUMAGUETE: Food Trippin' in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Your visit to Dumaguete City won’t be complete without trying out these 3 famous food items in the City - fried ice cream, silvanas and sans rival. They may not be native delicacies, but these are definitely a must-try!

One of the most popular food items that can be found in the city is the Fried Ice Cream. We asked some locals where we could find the best fried ice cream and almost everyone pointed us to Panda Ice Cream Store. We actually had a hard time finding it, but for those planning to try it out, it is located along Ma. Cristina Street, just a few steps from Silliman University's side gate.

It is basically an ice cream on a crispy breaded shell served immediately after frying. Incredibly, the ice cream inside is still frozen and hard.

We ate it with our hands as we munch on this delicious food experience. Price is 55 pesos for the first piece, and 45 pesos on your succeeding pieces.

Panda's fried ice cream is something unusual and it's worth trying.

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries is a pastry shop where the popular Silvanas in Dumaguete are made. They have superior quality products sold at a very reasonable price. We went there at around after lunch. No surprise, there are a lot of people lining up for their products. Aside from their sans rival, they also offer set meals. We only tried the sans rival and silvanas since we just had lunch. Both are indeed delicious and they just melt in your mouth. Yummy!

The store is just near the boulevard at San Jose Street, walking distance from Siliman University.

This is part of my adventures in the provinces of Siquijor and Negros Oriental that happened last November 20-22, 2011 with my MBA friends, Clarice and Marvin. Negros Oriental is the 49th province on my list. Join us as we enjoy the "City of Gentle People" in this one awesome trip to Dumaguete City and Valencia, Negros Oriental.
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  1. everybody loves a food trip! bet ko yung silvanas. sana matry ko, i heard masarap din daw!

  2. my wife never failed to visit the sans rival shop everyday we were in dumaguete. she even ordered a couple of boxes of silvanas in advance as pasalubong to be picked up on the day of our flight back to manila. by the way, there is a sans rival branch at the Robinson's Place mall where you can also buy freshly made piyaya at bongbong's

  3. Fried ice cream. Hmmmm. . . Interesting. I want to try it. Oh, gosh! I love reading stuff about food, especially if I've never tried them before. Someday, I'll try this one. Thanks for the info. :)

  4. From the word Silvanas, sounds like, Nirvana, that means heaven. So, the taste is heaven. Ano mervz?

  5. I brought home the chocolate silvanas when we went there. Everyone love it. :) Super yummy talaga. :)

  6. Nde po tlga mawawala sa isang trip ang itry ang fud dun sa lugar nila. nakakatakam tuloy hehehe =)

  7. kakatakam naman.. matry lahat nyan heheh..

  8. Ang sarap tignan nung Silvanas. Hindi ba oily un fried ice cream?

  9. I've been trying to plan a Dumaguete-Siquijor Trip... Hay' if only I could travel as the others do...

  10. Hindi talaga maalis ang food trip sa byahe... ang dami ko ding naririnig na must-try ang silvanas at sans rival ng Dumaguete pagpumunta dun... ano nga ba pinagka-iba nila? Nice sharing.

  11. Thank You for this! I'll be going to Dumaguete tomorrow and I'm excited to try their Sansrival and Silvanas.

  12. noted. mukhang masarap un fried ice cream! thanks for the post Mervs ^_^

  13. d pa ko nakatikim nung fried ice cream...mukhang masarap nga sir!


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