Zambales - The Circle Hostel, a Backpacker's Haven in Liw-liwa

We went to Liw-liwa with only one accommodation in mind, The Circle Hostel. Basing on what we have read from the internet, it's the best option for budget travelers like us. So, upon reaching the hostel, we were accommodated by Ate Vangie and she discussed the various accommodation options they have.

The Circle Hostel offers a comfortable and affordable beach lodging for surfers, backpackers and beach bums in this side of Zambales. They have a vibrant atmosphere that encourages you to interact and mingle with other guests. Because at The Circle Hostel, "No one is a stranger".

No one would miss the colorful artworks around. They are made by guests, as they encourage you to express yourself and be creative. They provide paints for you to draw or write what you feel at the beams or at their walls.

Various accommodations include bunk beds (350 pesos/head/night), hammocks and tent (250 pesos/head/night), just bring your own tent. We chose the bunk beds which has a comfortable foam, built-in mosquito net and privacy curtains.

They also have Free Wifi, lockers for your valuables (you can bring or rent a padlock), clean toilets, shower rooms with hot and cold water and a grill house where you can cook your food.

The best thing with this hostel is the common area where you can meet and be friends with other guests. They want you to sit down and join the circle! Make new friends and have a blast!

The Circle Hostel is truly a unique accommodation experience, a haven for backpackers!

For rates, booking procedures and how to get there, call them at (+63)0917-8611929 or you may visit the links below:
  • www.thecirclehostel.com/reservation
  • www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=128178830625241
  • How to get there

LIKE them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thecirclehostel or VISIT their website at www.thecirclehostel.com

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This is part of our surfing weekend experience in this "not so well-known" surfing spot in Zambales, that happend last January 14-15, 2012. Come, join us as we enjoy the waves of Liw-liwa.
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  1. ay mapuntahan nga din to hihihi

  2. parang gusto ko tong hostel na to ah..
    nung last time kasi, I was with the Sykes Outdoor Club
    They're a regular visitor on one of the resort.
    Since lagi silang group, mas matipid..
    Liw-liwa is really perfect for backpackers..
    Natuwa din ako dun sa Carinderia, as the host were Ilonggo. :)

  3. uy ayos yan! will consider this when I start my epic Zambales bike ride!

  4. Last picture with the paintless concrete bakod is where we stayed when we were there last Good Friday til Black Saturday. It is owned by a family friend.

  5. "No one is a stranger" ---> I like!
    Ang kulet naman may mga artwork2 pa..

  6. Kakaibang hostel accommodation. At may wifi! Havey..

  7. ayus nga ito sa mga barkada visitors

  8. my kind of accommodation. hirap lang niyan pag may dalang mga mamahaling gamit. i also like their idea of a having a common spot for guests to meet.

  9. seems like a very decent accommodation despite it's price. will keep this in mind.

  10. I think this are affordable to build. aside from the rate. a good idea for backpackers. I am planning to build like this one here in our place. it gives me an idea. :-).

    1. where are you located? :) we're always looking for locations!

    2. Kuya Bonzeti is from Bukidnon po... :)

    3. Hi Ziggie. A low cost backpackers friendly bed spacers. I like it. Thanks for exposing this one Mervz. :-).

  11. Thanks for the feature! :) we're planning on putting up more branches around the country :)

    1. Thank you sir... That's good news for backpackers like us... more power you sir! :)

  12. Thanks to all who left their comments... hopefully soon, we could go here all together and experience to be backpacker at The Circle Hostel! :)

  13. Hi!, How far is the hostel from the beach front?


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