Agusan del Norte - Riding the 1.3 KM Zipline at Delta Discovery Park

If there are activities that could get me into a heart-pounding experience, I go for it whenever possible. So, when I found out that there is a zip line in the mountainous part of Butuan City, I decided to include it in my itinerary.

After I visited the Balanghay Shrine Museum, I took a jeepney going to Gaisano Mall from the main road. I alighted at corner of the road leading to Brgy. Bonbon. I met Kuya Edgar Jandayan there, a habal-habal driver that brought me to Delta Discovery Park. I recommend that you look for him and get his services, he will definitely take good care of you.

Not so well-known, Delta Discovery Park is a new attraction in Butuan City that opened in May 2011. Located at Purok 7, Brgy. Bonbon, it is hidden in the mountainous terrains of the city.

Upon arriving at the reception area, I inquired about the activities that I can do inside the park. Since I've heard about their zip line, I immediately availed their 1.3 KM zip line ride which costs 650 pesos.

As I was told by their staff, their zip line is the "longest single zip line in Mindanao and in Asia", with a length of 1.3 kilometers (opened in September 18, 2011). They also have a 400m dual zip line which opened in May 2011.

I am so delighted to know that it is longer than my previous zip line experiences in Agas-agas bridge, Dahilayan Adventure Park, LigΓ±on Hill and Tagaytay Ridge.

I was brought to the launching area at the top of the mountain with a 4x4 jeep. The ride towards the mountain is already an adventure in itself which took around 15-20 minutes.

An awesome view greeted me at the top. The mountainous terrain and lush forest are definitely sights to behold.

The staff are extremely accommodating and fun to be with. It felt like we were friends and have known each other for quite some time already.

Then the staff prepared me for the zip line. I didn't even feel any nervousness as they prepare me for the ride. They encourage me, boost my morale and made me feel comfortable. They kept on saying that it will be an easy ride. Hehehe!

And I was launch! I felt the strong wind gusts against my face as I glided fast through the mountainous terrain and lush greenery all around me. I think the ride lasted for about a minute. I was told that I'm the 99th rider who did this! Hahaha! Awesome!

I am extremely happy to have conquered another zip line. Wahhhhh!!! To date, this is my 5th ride and my longest zip line ever. Woohoo!

You can also try their all terrain vehicle to explore the park, or swim in their pool, try horse back riding, get in touch with nature and visit the Aviary Park, or have a guided forest trek. Certainly the park is no ordinary place, you'll have a lot of activities do.

Address: Purok 7, Brgy. Bonbon, Butuan City
Contact Numbers
Landline: (085) 345-8891 / 341-1557 / 816-1875
Mobile: 0918-2845556 / 0906-4728300

Transportation (via Delta's vehicle)
50.00/head (2-way) from sports complex to the park (minimum of 10 persons)
30.00/head back and fort from Sunrise School to the park (minimum of 5 persons)

Swimming + Zip Line Package (400m Zip line) = Php 400.00/head
Swimming + Zipline (400m Zip line) + ATV Ride going to Mt. Mayapay = Php 900.00/head
Swimming + Zipline (400m Zip line) + Buggy ride = Php 1,080.00/head

Regular Rates
Entrance Fee = Php 20.00
Horse Back Riding = Php 250.00/hour or 100.00/15 mins
ATV = Php 500.00/head
Buggy = Php 700.00/ 2 persons
Swimming = Php 100.00/head
Zip line = Php 350/head (400 meters), 650/head (1.3 km)

Private Cottage = Php 1,500 (good for 2 persons with free breakfast and use of swimming pool)
Dormitory = Php 350/head (minimum of 5 persons, includes free use of swimming pool and entrance fee)

So, if you are into adventures, never leave Butuan City without trying this out. I'm assuring you that you'll definitely have a ride of your life! 'Til my next ride! ^_^

This is part of my solo adventure in Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur last November 17-19, 2011. Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur are the 46th and 47th provinces on my list and this adventure is my 14th solo trip. Join me as I continue my journey to visit all 80 provinces in the Philippines!

Agusan del Norte

Agusan del Sur

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  1. wow I would like to try that someday

  2. I was only able to try Tagaytay and Baguio's ziplines. I always remember myself saying, "Nakakabitin!" This is definitely something to be tried this summer (hopefully). Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. i should check this delta park when i go home in our province.. ;| thanks for sharing..

  4. Scarrrryyyy...longest zipline in Asia. That's adrenalin rushing :)

  5. wow i want to try this very soon! for comparison with our zip here at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato :)

  6. Libut na libot mo na Mervs ang buong Pinas ah. XD

  7. I have tried Eden Nature Park's Zip line here in Davao, Skyride in Sentosa Singapiore and Singapores Mega Zip Line. All I did was I closed my eyes and scared myself to death! I am soo afraid of heights but I am trying to conquer it. It was horrific in my part hahahahaha. Tnx for the share!

    1. I did the Eden too. Love it!

      Thanks for sharing this. I will enjoyed it by myself, but I don't know if my family will. :(

  8. I was about to ask, pang ilang Zipline mo na to..and there was 5th times, right. I tried the dual zipline also in Dahilayan and it was such an experience while raining. hehe. It seems you are not running out of things to do ah. Dami mo post about ur adventures.

  9. haven't tried ziplines yet :(
    kahit marami dito

  10. I love ziplines! Never tried one between mountains yet

  11. you are one brave gutsy traveler Mervs!!! i'm your exact opposite. i always wish there isn't any zipline so i won't be dared to be a gutsy woman (which by the way is part of my bucketlist journey to gutsiness!). but i felt like zipline are extremes so not sure i'll do it but who knows...

  12. Whew!!! I haven't tried ziplines yet but i would love to someday.. Someday.. when i have the courage to do so. hahaha!

    Nice one!

  13. yay zipline! :S you can pay me millions but i will never EVER do that! I will die in nerbiyos!

  14. Mervs i will be assigned in mindano starting march 12, sana ma visit q din to, tnx for posting the info above;) wew katako aman 1.3km pagmulat u after pagpikit with pagsigaw nasa gitna ka pa lng pala jejeje

  15. Zipline!! Naku I'm so scared of heights Baka maihi ako pag ginawa ko yan! Hahaha enclosed in a cable car I can do it kaso grabe naman ang pawis ko and sigaw... Haha

  16. Wow. I will try this one. Thanks for sharing...

  17. nice, I love it. It looks extreme Mervin! kainggit

  18. if it's not well known then it will be after people read this post...

  19. Buti pa ikaw, andami dami mo nang napuntahan jan. Samantalang jan ako galing ni maka try jan sa ride na yan ay di ko pa nasubukan. Galing!

  20. Wow. This one's much cheaper than the one in Tagaytay.

  21. wui di ko alam to. will definitely check this out... :)

  22. Astig! cguro mapapagod ako nun sa kakasigaw kasi ang layo! hehehe

  23. Kakainggit... sana lumaki na anak ko para makagala na kami.

  24. I love zip lines. I love the mixing emotions of fear and excitement. Hahaha. I will definitely do the 1.3km. hahaha. :)

  25. yey!!!!!!!! want to try that someday!

  26. Thanks a lot! Hope everyone could try this and feel the adrenalin of riding a zip line! :)

  27. gusto ko talagang ma-experience ang ang adventure na to...
    hmmmmm. kelan kaya?

  28. never tried zip line.. am afraid of heights..

    very informative blog..

    will visit delta discovery park soon..

    thank you


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