Sorsogon - Bulusan Town to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, my first Top Loading Experience

After visiting the old church and ruins in Barcelona, I continued my journey. Now, I'm heading further south to the town of Bulusan. I patiently waited for a jeepney bound for Bulusan with no passenger in the front seat as I wanted to enjoy the scenery. As we traverse through the national hi-way, great expanse of rice fields and a mountain range on my right and the coastal area on my left kept me accompanied for the rest of the travel. What a sight!

Upon reaching Bulusan town proper, I went to the market to buy some food so I will have something to eat for the rest of my trip. Then I asked the locals where I could find the terminal of jeepneys bound for Irosin, which will pass by my next destination - the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park.

It wasn't hard to find. It just took me some steps and a couple of turns and I found it! The jeepney is not yet full, but there's already a young boy sitting on the roof. I asked if I can also sit there. He said it's okay. So, I climbed to the roof and find a place for me to sit. Since it's my first time to do this, I settled on the center of the roof.

Until more passengers went up and sat comfortably on the edges of the roof. We waited for a few minutes and the jeepney was ready to go.

Yes, this is my first time to do top loading. And I'm so excited! It may not have the awesome sceneries of the Cordillera (which I envy seeing others have done it), but still I savor each moment as I am enjoying the ride along with the locals here.

I was seated beside a basket of local goods and from time to time I would held on it to get a good balance. Hehehe!

The experience is quite exciting! Just watch out for the branches that would occasionally and surprisingly sweep your face. Hahaha! But, one thing's for sure, it is painful in the butt. Wahahaha!!!

Another "to-do" item on my bucket list slashed! Top loading! Woohoo!!!


This is part of my solo adventure in Sorsogon that happened last October 21-23, 2011. Sorsogon is the 43rd province on my list. It's my 12th solo trip and marks my 4th time to set foot on Bicol Region (Region 5). Join me as I discover the different sights I saw, places I've conquered and activities I did in this southernmost province of Luzon.
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  1. It's just plain nice to look at the views on top load but you're right, it's pain in the @$$. ^_^

    I used to do that in college when there are no more jeepneys bound home, so I just hitchhiked on top load of jeepneys delivering vegetables. Sometimes at the back of a deliver truck, lol!

    Nice post again. ^_^

  2. Ang galing ah haha. Kala ko Mervz talagang puno na ang pasahero pero choice mo pala talaga, ako naman, dati nag-request akong mag-topload pinagalitan tuloy ako eh marami namang space sa loob hahaha!
    -Regards, Edmar @ EDMARATION

  3. Wow. Can a girl do that rin? Another item to nclude in the bucket list, methinks.

  4. wow toploading, naalala q nung high school days sa bubong lagi aq ng jeep pauwi jejeje,

  5. Top Loading on a hot day???
    You're in for the adventure I'm sure.
    Kung mainit,sa loob nalang ako.. hahaha!

  6. @Glen - ahahaha! sakit ng talaga sa pwet! LOL! Oo nga eh...it's common sa mga provinces...ako now ko lang na experience... heheh! Thanks Glen!

    @Edmar - ahaha! it's a choice po..kc i wanna experience it talaga... thanks Edmar!

  7. @vidasioson - oh yes! kayang kaya mo yan! thanks Vida! :)

    @Traveling Morion - oo nga eh, it's been part of the childhood of a lot of people especially those who lives in the province... how I wish I've experience it also when I was younger... hehehe! Thanks po! :)

  8. @Simurg - yeah, it was around 10-11am... wahahaha!!! so hot nga! LOL! but it's ok, kc madami naman puno along the way, kaya di rin kami directly natatamaan ng araw.. thanks Francis! :)

  9. I've a relative who lives in Irosin, I might visit this place in the near future.

    Kakabilib naman ang solo backpacking adventure mo. ;p

  10. sa dami na ng napuntahan mo, i can't believe this is your first time to topload!


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