Samar - I found Serenity and not Extreme Adventure at Marabut Extreme Experience Resort

After spending 2 hours in Balangiga, Eastern Samar, I decided to continue my journey, this time to the town of Marabut in Samar. This coastal town is known for its clusters of minute jagged limestone islets that are visible from the coastline. I hailed a public van bound for Tacloban City and paid 100 pesos for a 1 hour trip to Marabut Extreme Experience Resort in Brgy. OsmeΓ±a.

It wasn't hard to find because I've already saw it on my way to Balangiga. It is on the right side of the road if you're coming from Tacloban City. The wooden arch will be your landmark. Ewan ko ba, it reminds me of the movie "Blair Witch Project". Hahaha!

From the national hi-way, it would take an easy 10-15 minute walk to the resort. Georgeous rock formations greeted me. It is definitely an awesome sight to behold! I was just enjoying the walk under the heat of the sun. I'm just taking it slow, while listening to my favorite song! Hahaha!!! Tip: To avoid getting lost, take the way on the left when you reached the fork.

The resort is in a cove facing San Pedro Bay. I was extremely at awe when I saw the tiny rocky islets jutting out of the bay. They're really are eye candies even from afar.

I walked towards the reception area and was welcomed by the care takers. I paid the entrance fee of 25 pesos and rested a bit while having a chat with the old lady managing the resort.

I learned that there were no other guests at that time, aside from me. I was all alone. Nice! ^_^

I roamed around to check on the amenities of the resort. I also climbed the rock formations found on the left side of the cove, walked along the shoreline, swam and played with the dogs. Hehehe!!!

From the name of the resort, I was expecting that there would be extreme, adventurous, heart-pounding, thrilling activities here. But there were none. The only water sports activity that they have is kayaking, which costs 130 pesos per hour. Did I try it? No. Hehehe! I dunno, I was just too lazy that time. ^_^ But it's free if you were checked-in in one of their beatifully designed cottages.

I was wrong to expect adventure, but I am not disaappointed. I found peace and serenity as I enjoy the resort on my own. It isn't crowded as I'm the only guest. I own the beach! and I 'luv et!

The water is so calm while the sun is on its hottest. I had my time basking on semi-white sand beach, away from the noise of a crowded resort. I like it! I even took a nap under the shade of a tree.

After more than 2 hours (I think), I decided to leave. I still have one more destination left on my itinerary - Caluwayan Palm Island Resort, so I need to get going.

"I may not have found extreme adventure, but I experienced peace and serenity in Marabut Extreme Experience Beach Resort"

Oh, before I forget, as I leave, the dog led me and never left me until I reached the main road. It was so sweet! ^_^


Marabut Extreme Experience
Address: Brgy. OsmeΓ±a, Marabut Samar
Contact Number: (53) 325-6000 / (53) 325-5585
FB Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Marabut-EXTREME/129410397085691.

Entrance Fee: PHP 25 / head
Day-tour Cottages: PHP 350
Accommodation: Overnight Stay is at PHP 2,635 for a room good for 4 persons. Extra bed is at PHP 300 per head.
Kayak Rental: PHP 130 / hour

From Tacloban City, take a van going to Guiuan. Just tell the driver to drop you at Marabut Extreme Experience Resort or Marabut Marine Park. Travel time is about 1 hour, fare is around 120 pesos.

This is part of my trip to Samar and Eastern Samar that happened last October 14-16, 2011. Samar and Eastern Samar are the 41st and 42nd provinces on my list and it also marks my completion of setting foot on all the provinces in Eastern Visayas (Region 8). Join me as I discover some of the beautiful sights of Samar and Eastern Samar as well as the people I've met as I continue my journey through the provinces of the Philippines!
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  1. Huwow! Sarap naman ng ganyan, parang nirentahan mo ang buong resort at exclusive for you. ^_^

  2. Huwaw! Ang sarap naman ng feeling niyan. Parang nirentahan mo ang buong resort at exclusive sa 'yo. Nice. ^_^

  3. I love the white sands and the rock formations! Salamat nito Mervz.

  4. @Lance- yes indeed! salamat Lance!

    @ianisme - yup! visit it po... thanks Ian!

    @Glen - ahahaha!!! parang private resort ko cya... hehehe! thanks Glen!

    @Doc Wendz - super ganda ng po.. at tahimik talaga.. thanks Doc Wends!

  5. Nice! You have the whole resort all for yourself!

  6. @ding - oh yeah! as in ako lang mag isa... hehehe!!! thanks po! :)

  7. @Earl - yeah, super nice po kc konti or if lucky ikaw lang ang tao.. hehehe! thanks po... :)

  8. The beach of Marabut is nice, and truly serene... 'wish to explore Tacloban in the future.

    You added me pala in your links. I will link on your travel blog on my lists. Thanks!

  9. ...super nice po talaga... kc khit po taga BORONGAN EASTERN SAMAR po ako ...d ko p po eto napupuntahan...HOPE that someday if i can have my vacation leave....i can go there with my family & friends...maghabulan and magtampisaw... hahaha...

    .... tnx po s pag share nio po s adventure nio... at isa n po ung province nmin n napili...thank u so much and more power!!! GOD BLESS PO!!!! :)

  10. Next month I will be there with my classmate and my family. See you soon.


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