Pinoy Adventurista will be on National TV

It started with a comment from one of the researchers of GMA News TV on my Facebook Fan Page. For quite some time, I was speechless. Is this for real? I just can't believe it. I really don't know what to do. I'm asking myself, am I ready for this? Do I really want need an exposure on National TV? Below is the comment:

After some exchanges of text messages, the place and time of the interview were set. It's 3:00 PM, December 6, 2011 at Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park in Binakayan, Kawit Cavite. Actually, I was the one who suggested the place, which is just a 15-minute ride from home.

I met with the segment producer, the cameraman and a staff at the hotel lobby. Then we went to Oceana Water Park where we held the interview by the pool side. The topic is Pinoy Traveler. I was asked about my travels, how I started travelling, my experiences, the places I've been to, my advice to others who want to travel, and so on.

Afterwards, we went to the Fishing Village where they took more shots of me.

Then to the Animal Island Zoo where they shot a scene while I'm feeding a crocodile. Woohoo!

It'll be my first time to be on national TV. And I'm so excited to see myself. Hehehe!

Watch out for my interview on "Assignment Pilipinas" segment of State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. It will be aired on GMA News TV Channel 11 sometime next week. Thank You!

UPDATE (12/19/2011) : It was not shown last week. I will update you when I get to know when will it be shown. Thanks!


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  1. huwaw!!! going public kana talaga!
    kelan to i air????

  2. @Simurgh - i'm not sure pa po kung kelan... basta next week daw... hehehe!

  3. woot woot!! congrats mervs...
    more exposure to come. foshure, lalaki at tataas ang readership mo.

  4. wow....congrats mervs....
    sikat kana...kelan kaya i air un segement na un...sana maupdate mo kami.

  5. wowo... congrats... sikat ka na......
    tas yung location... sa Island Cove Resort and Leisure Park i miss this place....
    iba ka na talaga merz.....
    san iair to sa gmanewstv?

  6. astig naman! congratulation mervs :-) more success :-)

  7. LUFEEET!!! Congrats, I remember when tv5 approached my sister at na featured ang family business namin sa segment nila. http://mitchlists.blogspot.com/2011/07/dj-chic-tv5-balitaang-tapatwmv.html.

  8. gusto kong mapanood kung paano magpakain ng buwaya ang isang Pinoy Adventurista without hurting..... the buwaya syempre.

    I don't watch TV pa naman, mapipilitan tuloy ako nyan or siguro may lalabas naman na youtube nyan soon.

  9. mervs. cngrats. paki post na lang ang schedule ng pag air nun. :-). manood kami.

  10. wow galing! congrats:) update u aman kmi qng kylan ang airing will watch dat episode, tama dee exciting ang eksenang pagpakain ng buwaya jeje

  11. congrats mervz. aabangan namin paglabas mo sa national TV. nag level up kana dude!

  12. first the nomination on the blogger award, now a national tv interview....what's next... CONGRATS!!

  13. WOW! Congratz. I have to watch this episode.

  14. oh wow! that's the attitude of a real traveler, i do love to travel too when time permits. hope you'll post a link for an online stream of the footage.

  15. wotttt wotttt, congrats sir... you're travels are amazing... thanks for sharing :)


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