BEACH RESORTS IN LA UNION: Enjoying the Beach and the Aqua-adventure Activities at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

Time flies so fast when you're having a great time. It’s already our last day at Thundebird Resorts in Poro Point, La Union. Sigh! Anyway, since we've already finished all the team building activities set for us, it's now time for more recreation, fun and excitement. Despite not having enough sleep because of last night's party, me and some friends still managed to wake up early to experience the beach and some of the resort’s aqua-adventure activities.

We headed to the tiny beach on the far end of the bay. It required us a leisurely walk of about 10 minutes and a quick walk down the hill to reach the beach.

The view is simply stunning! The rock formations, the lush and green hillside and the light house are just some of the sights to behold. It seemed anywhere you look, there is a breathtaking view in front of you.

It also has well-groomed and quiet garden with showers just above it. Cabanas and lounges are also set up - a perfect spot to get some tan.

The area is not that developed, which I liked. I believe that the charm of this small pocket of white sand is the ruggedness of the beach. I like it being raw and simple. The sand is not so white and fine, but we enjoyed our morning swim while waiting for the aqua sports to start.

At around 8:00 AM, the aqua sports operators arrived. We wore our life vests and were asked to sign the waiver before we start.

Their "mini-banana boat" could accommodate 2-3 persons. A jet ski will be used to pull it along the deep waters. I must confiess, this is the first time I will be riding a banana boat. Hehehe!

We were screaming hard as the speed of the ride increases. Wahhhhh!!! We’re holding tightly on the handles to avoid falling off, but the driver would intentionally make a steep turn to make the banana boat stumble that would make you fall off. Hahaha!!!

Falling off is the best thing about riding a banana boat. Just be sure to let go when you fall off so you won't get hurt.

They also have wakeboarding, not by wires but with a jet ski. Some of my colleagues tried it and it's so much fun! I want to try this next time.

Banana Boat - PHP 350 / 15 minutes
Wakeboarding - PHP 1,500 / 30 minutes

I can’t really say enough how I enjoyed my stay here. You definitely have to experience it for yourself.

Overall, I had a remarkable time with my company of friends and hopefully I can be back soon with my family and other friends.

Thunderbird Resorts, I shall return!

This is part of my 2-day plush company outing in La Union that happened last August 20-21, 2011. It was a weekend full fun, lavish food, luxurious acommodation and relaxation.
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