Rizal - Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant and Folk Art Museum in Angono

Last January 29, 2011, we went on a quick trip to Angono, Rizal. We checked out Balaw Balaw Specialty Restaurant, one of the most well-known specialty restaurants in the province. The town of Angono is known as the Art Capital of the Philippines. When you visit this town, you shouldn't miss dining at Balaw Balaw. They offer not just good food, but an experience worth remembering.

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant is famous, maybe because of its bizarre array of exotic dishes like ginataang uok, soup no. 5, rose petal tempura, nilasing na palaka, kamaru, bibingkang abnoy, bayawak and more. But don't be petrified by their menu, they also cater to the less adventurous and also serves delicious local delicacies.

None of us were adventurous enough to try any of the exotic dishes! Hehehe! We only had a plate of Balaw-Balaw rice, which is a house specialty featuring seafood, chorizo, and vegetables served on banana leaves. For viand, we had ginataang hipon and a big bowl of halo-halo for dessert.

You can go around the place to look at the art pieces in the galleries. On the second floor of the restaurant, you can also find different forms of art- sculptures, paintings, and paper mache.

Your trip to Angono wouldn’t be complete without visiting this place. It is not just a restaurant and art gallery, but a museum of sorts.

How to get there
From EDSA Central, take a Binangonan bound FX or a jeepney, be sure that it will take the Highway and not the floodway. Just tell the driver to drop you off at the corner of Doña Justa subdivision. Balaw-Balaw Restaurant is just a few steps from the corner of the subdivision and the hi-way.

Contact Info
Address: 16 Dona Justa Subdivision, Angono, Rizal
Tel. No.: (02)651-0110


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  1. i wrote my name in one of the masks there! hihi

    kakasuka yung bibingkang abnoy. di kinaya ng powers ko! yung nilasing na palaka is good! =)

  2. wow i love the food... grabe... craving on that.. tas java rice pa... whahaha :D

  3. Hey, hey Kuya. Thanks for dropping a comment in my blog. :))) I really appreciate it.

    Anyway, nagutom ako sa 3rd-6th pics. Yum! Yum! Yum! I love hipon and tahong. And not to mention, Java Rice. Yahooooo!

    I'll try to go to this very nice resto whenever I go to Rizal - my aunt lives there.

    I'm gonna link you up. :)

  4. diko pa naboblog yan. last sept pa.hahaha. nice one. you seem to be everywhere these days. malapit na yan samin Binangonan.:D

  5. @Chyng - wahahaha! di talaga namin ni-try ang exotic food... di kami ganun katapang eh... hahaha!!! thanks po!!!!

  6. @Axl - hahaha!!! kumain ka ng kumain para tumaba ka.... =D

  7. @Poot - hahaha!!! masarap ang balaw-balaw rice nila, actually yun palang complete meal na... thanks for the link... i'll link u up as well... keep exploring the Philippines...

  8. @Christian - yes indeed! try it! thanks po...

    @Pusang Kalye - hahaha!!! pakalt-kalat lang ako now... hahaha!!!

  9. nice shots
    nice place
    masarap siguro yung exotic foods nila, lalo na kung mainit pa XD

  10. Hi Renz!!! yup, masarap ang food nila.. highly recommended!


  11. great find! balaw means alamang in our dialect, the favorite food of the butanding, nacurious ako sa menu nila, matry nga din :)

  12. @Lakwatsera - thanks po... yeah, try mo! di ko lang talaga kaya... hehehe!!! di adventurous ang tyan ko eh... hahaha!!!

  13. favorite kong sawsawan sa isda ang balaw-balaw. :) dayo ka dn sa morong sir maganda yng church. =D

  14. @tengturista - ay sayang di ko yun na -try... if ever mapadpad ako dyan sa morong, will definitely check it out.. thanks Teng! =D

  15. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  16. ok lang kahit floodway yung fx na binangonan. dadaan pa rin sa balaw balaw yun.

  17. Oo, ok lang kahit floodway yung daan ng masasakyan mo from edsa central, just make sure na sa Angono Hi-way dadaan at hindi sa Angono Town Proper. In case sa town proper dumaan, ok lang din. Tricycle lang, sabihin mo Balaw-balaw, Php8 lang.

  18. magkano namn mga pagkain dito? hehe

    1. a bit pricey lalo na yung mga exotic foods nila. Yung uok 4-6pcs lang ata yun na maliliit nasa 300-400 na. Pero malalaki naman ung servings ng ibang foods nila. We ordered uok, frog, 2 balaw balaw and some juices we paid 1000-1500.

  19. masarap dyan tapat lang yan ng work ko..dami kumakain dyan na galing pa sa malau.

  20. i thought you sampled something exotic from this famous local restaurant. i myself would not if given a chance, hehehe! those art exhibits and those dishes plus that halo-halo you ordered are more than enough for me to wish i could bring my family and my feet there one day! :)

  21. Namiss ko to! we ate uok, palaka and 2 different balaw balaw. If I can remember, one is the buro and other is the normal balawbalaw parang binagoongang pork lang sya. I was suppose to order the Ants and the bougainvillea salad but its not available. First time ko kasi nakakain ng exotic food. Mga food adventurist kasi mga kasama ko. I was able to eat uok (larva from coconut trees) medyo scary kasi feeling ko worm pa din sya pero pinisa ko nalang at hinalo ung katas sa rice kaya nakain ko (unlike my 2 friends na hinigop talaga nila ung uok) but it tasted good kasi masarap ung pagkakaluto ng sauce nila, parang sauce lng tlga kinain ko hehehe. Next time we'll try Salagubang in Nueva Eicija :D


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