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We're going to Sablayan

After finishing all the things we need to do in Sta. Cruz, we took an ordinary bus bound for San Jose. It took us around 2 hours before we reached the town of Sablayan. One of the biggest towns of Occidental Mindoro and boasts to be the top "tourist destination" in the province.

Bus ride to Sablayan

Seated at the heart of Occidental Mindoro, Sablayan is a town gifted with nature's blessings. It is home to Apo reef - the largest atoll-like reef in the country and probably in Asia. They are also proud to have fine beaches and shorelines ideal for swimming, kayaking and snorkelling; they also offer activities such as picnicking, bird-watching, trekking, camping, tamaraw herd-watching and more.

Where is Sablayan?

The 2-hour bus ride from Sta. Cruz is bumpy but fun! You'll get to see beautiful landscape of mountains, hills and rice fields.

Mangyans we met along the way

You can also get a chance to interact with some Mangyans along the way. The roads are not so good, some are paved but mostly rough. I believe, something has to be done here to improve the roads to encourage more tourists to come.

The roads...

Are we here yet?

Upon reaching Sablayan, you'll certainly feel that this is a first class municipality, maybe because of its booming tourism industry. We got off at the bus stop in barangay Buenavista near the town proper. From there we walked towards the Sablayan Astrodome where we found the Sablayan Museum.


Established in January 16, 2007, it houses some of Sablayan's rich cultural, historical and biological treasures. Some of the artifacts were donated or lent out from personal collections and heirlooms of the residents. It also has a unique section where one can experience the town's forest and spectacular marine life.

Since we don't have any prepared itinerary, we went to the municipal tourism office located just a few steps from the museum. The staffs were very accommodating in assisting us. They even got us a reservation for a room in Pandan Island, so that we're assured to have an accommodation when we get there. Thanks to tourism officer Ms. Minda Alto for patiently assisting us.

After discussing with the tourism officers, we decided to spend the night in Pandan island. It is one of the well-known resorts in the province. A 15-minute boat ride brought us to this island paradise. More of Pandan island on my next post.

For the mean time, here's a sneak peak on how I spent a day in the island.

Pandan island

On our 2nd day, we went back to the Sablayan mainland and visited some interesting landmarks around town. From Funta Sablayan - where boats from Pandan island docks, we took a tricycle and went to Presing Park. It is a 5-hectare park overlooking the sea, here stands a historic lighthouse used during the early times. The park also has an old cannon on display, a grotto and some cottages where visitors can rest. From here, you'll have a very nice view of the mangroves near the bay walk as well as Pandan island from afar.

Entrance and Lighthouse

The park and grotto

Cannon and Cottage

Pandan island

We had our lunch at Asian Refreshment Restaurant in the public market, it is also where the hanging bridge is located. This hanging bridge is popularly known as San Francisco Bridge as it resembles the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco California. =D

Hanging Bridge

Hanging by a moment

Sablayan Public Market at the back

Good food here!

We continued walking around until we reached the municipal complex. Comparing it with Sta. Cruz, they have a better municipal building. It is somehow a reflection of how progressive this town is.

Municipal Building

Be Honest!

The most compelling experience in this trip is the warmth and hospitality of the SablayeΓ±os that truly made our stay worthwhile. This town feels like home. True to their word, the experience is Amazing Sablayan!

We then decided to proceed to our next destination, the capital town of Mamburao.

For inquiries, you can reach the Sablayan Tourism Office at:
Contact No.: 09284659585
Email: amazingsablayan@yahoo.com
Website: www.sablayan.net

This 3-day escape to the land of Tamaraws and Mangyans happened last January 14-16, 2011. Here is a series of posts on our trip to one of the most underrated tourist destinations in our country, Occidental Mindoro. Discover the places we've been to, the people we met, the food we tasted and the experience we gained in this remarkable escapade.

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  1. ang ku;it ng quote ng BE HONEST.. tama yun hehe.. kailan kaya ako makakasama diyan hehehe....

    OT... hingi ako ng fansign para sa aking unang blogsary :D

  2. @Axl - anung fansign? picture message ba yun?

    @Bulakbolero- hehehe!!! thanks po...

  3. Parang ang ganda nga dyan. Can't wait for summer. Kailangan nang gumala ulit! HEhe.

  4. mga exotic places na tong mga ginagalaan mo these days ha. hehehe

  5. dami kong alam na pupunta diyan nagyong summer. mukhang sisikat ang mindoro ngayong taon.

  6. Sounds like you had fun and after all the walking and exploring you did - I think you need a day of just sitting in the sun on Pandan Island!

  7. Hi it is my first visit to your blog. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I like the photo about the honesty. It is very true.

    If you have a moment please have a look at my travelling blog.


  8. hi, i just wish to inquire, is it safe to stay/camp overnite at apo reef?

  9. @Anonymous - di po kami nag stay dun eh, pero from what i know is safe po dun... you could contact the sablayan tourism office... their contact number is at the end of the post... thanks!

  10. The best part for me about Sablayan is the adventure of going there :)

  11. @lakwatsera de primera - yeah, medyu malayu cya pero rewarding naman kapag nakarating ka na... thanks po... :)

  12. namimiss ko na ang Pandan Island...tumuloy ka din ba sa Apo Reef?

  13. @killrfillr - same here! hehehe!!! di na kami nakapunta ng Apo reef, dalawa lang kc kami, and we have limited budget... a boat going there would cost up to 6K... it would be better to go in big group to share the expenses...

  14. hi, how much do you think is the alloted budget for a 3-day stay in Sablayan and Pandan isalnd, including apo reef? thanks! :)

  15. @Anonymous - a stay in Pandan would cost around 1000 per day per person including meals and boat rental to Apo reef woulld cost around 7k... it really depends on how many are you in the group... :)

  16. waw ibang iba na tlga sablayan ! wew

  17. Hi Pinoy Adventurista, thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure in #AmazingSablayan. We have already posted this link on our FB official page, and twitter account. We really appreciate it. It helps a lot to promote our tourism industry. By the way, to those who wish to reach tourism office for inquiry, you may like our FB page,

    http://facebook.com/amazingsablayan, or
    follow us on twitter: AmazingSablayan; or even call us on
    Skype: amazing_sablayan or email us @ amazing.sablayan@gmail.com

    Thank you again. We hope to see you comin' back soon!


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